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12 Months After Claiming Angel Reese Is The LSU GOAT, Shaquille O’Neal Showcases Her Working On Her 3 Ahead Of The WNBA Draft

Sourav Bose

12 Months After Claiming Angel Reese Is The LSU GOAT, Shaquille O'Neal Showcases Her Working On Her 3 Ahead Of The WNBA Draft

Amidst the rising anticipation surrounding the upcoming WNBA draft, Angel Reese caught the eye. The 21-year-old seemingly worked on her 3-pointers ahead of this crucial juncture in her career. Interestingly, her endeavors received the attention of Shaquille O’Neal as he publicly promoted her work ethic.

The situation circled an Instagram post from the famous NBA trainer Chris Brickley. It captured Reese working in close association with him to perfect her craft of shooting from beyond the arc. Brickley then revealed the intricate details of the training with the caption, “Working… Angel Reese knocking down NBA 3s consistently (the NBA Line on my court is a foot longer than the normal 3)”.


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Reese’s efforts excited Shaq as he openly endorsed her ahead of the WNBA draft. The 52-year-old shared the post from his Instagram story showcasing his support for the 2023 NCAA Champion.

This practice to enhance her long-range shooting prowess could pay massive dividends in the future. Despite establishing her status as a threat on both ends of the floor, Reese has infamously struggled from beyond the arc. As per Basketball Reference, the 6ft 3″ youngster scored on only 15.6% of his shots from behind the three-point line in her college career. The 2023/24 season further unveiled her shortcomings as she made just 11.1% of her shots from the deep in 33 appearances.

Consequently, as per a mock WNBA draft from Bleacher Reportthe 2024 SEC Player of the Year has only secured the 10th spot, despite all her achievements in college. There is a sense of snubbery to this, as the player is likely being underestimated by scouts and experts. That said, a consistent shot from deep would also go a massive way in proving her detractors wrong.

Can Angel Reese prove Shaquille O’Neal right?


The Big Aristotle had put immense pressure on her shoulders following the triumph in the 2023 NCAA Championship game. During an interview with New York Post Sports, he declared, “She’s probably the greatest athlete ever to come out of LSU sports. You heard it here first. Male and female”.

Since then, Reese has successfully maintained her position as a leading figure in the women’s basketball circuit. During her two seasons at LSU, she constantly made the headlines with a remarkable series of displays. As per Basetkabll Reference, the Maryland-born averaged 20.9 points, 14.4 rebounds, 2.3 assists, 1.9 steals, and 1.3 blocks in 69 appearances for the team.

Despite possessing a seeming weakness in shooting, the youngster has ample amount of time to eventually overcome her shortcomings. Thus, her recent efforts remained justified while indicating her drive to succeed at the highest level. She is undoubtedly on the right track to becoming an iconic figure in the game with Shaq constantly watching her over like a guardian.

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