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1x NBA Champ Reacts to LeBron James HOF Teammate’s Viral Tweet That was Supposed to Be a DM

Siddid Dey Purkayastha

1x NBA Champ Reacts to LeBron James HOF Teammate's Viral Tweet That was Supposed to Be a DM

Boston Celtics legend and LeBron James‘ Miami Heat teammate Ray Allen was one of those celebrities who found themselves in trouble for their social media activities. In 2010, Allen made an erotic NSFW tweet on X, which must have been a supposed DM for someone.

His tweet read, “I’m getting there. When you masturbate, think about my tongue or your cl*t and switching back and forth from my d**k to my tongue.”

The tweet once again resurfaced in discussion when Jeff Teague brought it up in a recent appearance on the Club 520 podcast. Reacting to Allen’s viral tweet from 13 years back, the 1x NBA champion said,

“My boy a demon! Ray I thought you went to church! Boy you is a demon!” 

Teague, however, believes it was Allen’s unfamiliarity with Twitter at that time that might have caused the blunder.

“When he first got on Twitter, he didn’t know where the DMs was. Boy, he was letting that s**t fly on the timeline.” 

After issuing an apology, Allen hilariously added that he hoped his fans were amused by such a hilarious blunder from his account. He expressed he would either change his password or stop tweeting altogether following this incident.

Ray Allen changed his Twitter handle after his viral tweet

1x NBA Champ Reacts to LeBron James HOF Teammate's Viral Tweet That was Supposed to Be a DM
Credits: USA Today Sports

Ray Allen immediately deleted the aforementioned viral tweet and issued an apology within 14 minutes. Claiming his account to be hacked, Allen wrote, “I’m sorry my acct was hacked into. I need to change my tweet handle.” The 2x NBA champion was aware that his tweet had caused fervor among his fans and hoped he had amused his followers with this hilarious blunder.

Interestingly, it turned out that the 10x All-Star was being catfished all along which led him to accidentally tweet an NSFW message. According to the Basketball Network, Allen was being catfished by a man named Bryant Coleman, who also claimed that the Celtics legend was stalking him on social media.

However, reports claim that Allen paid off Coleman to keep this issue under the rugs. Nevertheless, this was just one of the many incidents wherein NBA players found themselves in the mud due to their illicit activities off the court or on social media.

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Siddid Dey Purkayastha

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