6’6″ Charles Barkley riles his brother Michael Jordan during his first analysis for NBA on TNT  

Jeet Pukhrambam

A 29-year-old Charles Barkley had all the charisma as he made his debut alongside Ernie Johnson for NBA on TNT, it’s been 30 years since. 

Twitter is the place where you can find clips that you didn’t know existed. Today it uncovered a gem, a clip of a 29-year-old Charles Barkley covering his first Halftime Report on NBA on TNT.

A young Ernie Johnson flanked him. We also can’t quite believe we are using the words “young” and “Ernie Johnson” in the same sentence.

To our surprise, we can see Chuck has a natural flair for broadcasting as he does a fantastic job of breaking down the Eastern Conference Semifinals between the Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks.

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Charles Barkley talks about his close friend Michael Jordan and he sure knows how to push his buttons!

1992 was a time when Michael and Charles’ friendship was blossoming. Both players were at their primes and there was nothing you could do to stop them from dominating the league.

Quite naturally, Barkley was all praises for his friend and even said the Knicks could do nothing about him. The Bulls would eventually go on to win the series and the title.

At the end of the clip, MJ is asked about how he feels about his friend Barkley backing the Portland Trailblazers ahead of his Bulls if they reached the finals.

Jordan just chuckled and said, “I know Charles, he’s trying to drive me crazy, he’s trying to make me competitive and I appreciate that Charles, what a great friend!

Charles simply responded, “I love Michael like a brother!“. While their friendship today might be a relic of the past, it is great to see a glimpse of how well it blossomed back in the days.

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