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‘Ask your husband why he can’t say the N-Word’: Lakers’ JR Smith slams Sam Dekker’s wife for questioning his motive wife

Raahib Singh

Lakers' JR Smith slams Sam Dekker's wife for questioning his motive wife

Sam Dekker’s wife fires back at JR Smith, and he explains why he hates former teammate; with JR slamming her back in return with a very awkward N-word related comment.

In a recent interview, JR Smith shared the name of the only teammate who he’s ever hated. It was his former Cavs teammate Sam Dekker; a revelation that was bound to hurt Dekker and the people around him.

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JR talked about how Dekker was the kind of teammate who wouldn’t help you elevate, rather let you stay stuck. This did not sit right with Dekker’s wife. She replied to a tweet having the JR Smith article of the same, saying the following:

JR Smith slams back at Sam Dekker’s wife

JR Smith wasn’t ready to ridiculed by Dekker’s wife, especially since he knew what he was talking about. He fired back at Dekker’s wife, who questioned JR’s authenticity as a source.

In his reply, JR spoke about how Olivia should go ahead and ask her husband as to why he can’t say the N-Word. The Lakers star didn’t elaborate on his statement, and just asked Olivia to post this question to her husband.

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Olivia Dekker continued to defend her husband. She went on to say that JR had a motive behind all of this, perhaps of demeaning her husband on a public platform and belittling his achievements as a player.

JR once again found himself replying, and this time he made sure his message was clear. He confirmed that there was no motive behind his statements and that Olivia should just go and ask her husband about the usage of the ‘N-word’.

So far Dekker himself hasn’t responded to JR Smith, but it isn’t expected that he will. Dekker did not get a role in any team in the 2019-20 season and averaged 5.5 points and 3.0 rebounds with the Rockets, Clippers, Cavs, and Wizards.

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