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“Bronny James Will Be a Los Angeles Lakers”: Skip Bayless Predicts LeBron James’ Son’s Destination in NBA

Abhishek Dhariwal

"Bronny James Will Be a Los Angeles Lakers": Skip Bayless Predicts LeBron James' Son's Destination in NBA

LeBron James’ son, Bronny James declaration for the 2024 NBA draft has caught everyone’s attention from the NBA community. After being predicted to declare for the 2025 class by ESPN, Bronny’s move to enter this upcoming draft sure came off as a surprise. Now, NBA analysts around the country are predicting where the son of LeBron James would end up and Skip Bayless is convinced he’s going to be a Laker.

There had been speculation that Bronny James was not ready for the NBA yet and should spend another year developing himself and his game before declaring himself for the NBA draft. However, that has not been the case.

After the news spread like wildfire, almost everyone decided to give their two cents, including Undisputed host Skip Bayless. In the latest episode, Bayless talked about Bronny at length and praised the two-way player despite his low numbers. He said, 

“When I watched his USC games, I saw an NBA defender. I’m not saying he’s 1st Team All-NBA, I’m saying he can hold his own at that side of the floor at the next level. Because he’s got tenacity about him, he’s got a will about him.”

The UNDISPUTED host then revealed his prediction about Bronny’s future destination saying,

“But I think he has enough of an offensive skillset as a complementary player, especially to his father. I just believe he’s gonna be a Los Angeles Laker next year whether you like it or not.”


Skip Bayless went into what he saw when Bronny James was on the floor. He credited his skills on the defensive end of the floor more than his offense. And it was his defense that convinced him that Bronny could end up being in a Lakers uniform depending on how his game would complement his father on the floor. Bayless also mentioned that Bronny has enough of a bag on offense that would work well when his father is on the floor.

The 72-year-old analyst brought up LeBron James and how he wants to retire as a Laker, given how he has business here, one house and another one under construction. Bayless also went on to say, “Their hearts are now here,” which pretty much sums up that LeBron James isn’t going anywhere.

‘The Truth’ gives his two cents on LeBron James and Bronny

Skip Bayless is convinced that Bronny James will be donning a purple and gold jersey in the coming months as he will be picked up by the Los Angeles Lakers. Paul Pierce, on the other hand, has a whole different take on it. Pierce believes that the Lakers should wait to see how they perform in the play-in and the playoffs before making any solid decisions. 

“If they end up losing the play-in, I would consider, if I was LeBron, being traded back to Cleveland…So, Bronny gets picked up by Cleveland and Bron has a spare world tour with his son right there.”

Pierce believes that the Lakers would not have the patience for Bronny to develop and Cleveland would be an ideal place for him. Moreover, it would be an ideal place for Bron as well since that is where his NBA journey started.

It is unclear what would happen with Bronny and subsequently LeBron James as well. But one thing is for sure, only time will tell how the league would be shaped the next year.

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Abhishek Dhariwal

Abhishek Dhariwal


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