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Celtics Legend Desires LeBron James and Son Bronny To Play for Cavaliers

Keshav Kumar Keshu

Celtics Legend Desires LeBron James and Son Bronny To Play for Cavaliers

With Bronny James officially declaring for the 2024 NBA draft, all possible scenarios regarding LeBron James and his son’s future destinations are on the table. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar has made it abundantly clear in the past that he wishes to play with his son before retiring. And the way LeBron is playing at the age of 39, we can see that possibility on the horizon. The only concern is Bronny James’ draft prospect in the upcoming class.

Bronny James is currently playing for the University of Southern California. Coming off the bench, Bronny has failed to impress the NBA scouts in his freshman year. This has led to questions about his future in the NBA and what it would mean for his father. Boston Celtics legend – Paul Pierce weighed in on the FS1 show ‘Undisputed’ and discussed a possible farewell tour in Cleveland that involves the father-son duo.

“If they lose in the Play-In, I would consider if I was LeBron, to being traded back to Cleveland. Donovan Mitchell doesn’t want to be there because we are not seeing signs of him wanting to re-sign. So, Bronny gets picked up Cleveland and Bron has a farewell tour with his son right there in that last year.”

Pierce cleared his stance claiming that all of these scenarios depend on how Lakers do in the postseason run this year. If they were to make a deep run, then Bronny could spend more time developing in college while LeBron continues to be a Laker. However, if the Lakers have a disappointing run and were to not come out of the Play-In, then LeBron might be looking for a change. And Pierce believes that change could be re-signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Bronny James is keeping his options open

Celtics Legend Desires LeBron James and Son Bronny To Play for Cavaliers
Credits: USA Today Sports

As the son of one of the greatest players to play in the NBA, Bronny James’ decision to play professional basketball will always keep him under the microscope. By now, it is apparent that Bronny James does not possess the same talents as his superstar father and hence needs to approach his career appropriately. In doing so, Bronny has declared for the 2024 NBA draft but will also enter the NCAA transfer portal.

Bronny James is not a highly touted NBA prospect and his chances of being picked by an NBA team in the upcoming draft are slim. The only thing that may excite the General Managers is that LeBron’s future could also depend on where his son lands. That being said, LeBron James is still playing like an All-Star and his durability can give Bronny more time to develop. Hence, opting for the transfer portal could be a smart decision, increasing his odds of being drafted in 2025.

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