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“Cakewalk Celtics Getting Bailed Out”: NBA Twitter Erupts as Tyrese Haliburton Ruled OUT for Game 3

Prateek Singh

“Cakewalk Celtics Getting Bailed Out”: NBA Twitter Erupts as Tyrese Haliburton Ruled OUT for Game 3

The fate of the Indiana Pacers was already hanging by a thread after losing the first two games of the Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics. However, as the series moves to Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indiana for Game 3, the Pacers have been hit with some devastating news about Tyrese Haliburton.

According to a report by Shams Charania, the Pacers star has been ruled out of Game 3 because of his hamstring injury. Haliburton was initially listed as ‘Questionable’ by the franchise due to soreness in his left hamstring in the pre-game injury report.

However, just hours before the tip-off, Charania reported, “Pacers All-NBA star Tyrese Haliburton to miss Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals vs. Celtics, per sources.”

Following the release of this news, fans on the internet have declared that the series will be a cakewalk for the Boston Celtics, as has been the road in the playoffs so far. The Celtics team has been pretty dominant in the postseason, but they have also been aided by injuries in the opposing teams.

The Celtics have breezed past the Jimmy Butler-less Miami Heat and the Donovan Mitchell-less Cleveland Cavaliers to get to the Conference Finals. Now they face a Haliburton-less Indiana in the pivotal Game 3 on the road. One fan commented below Charania’s post on X, “Cakewalk Celtics getting bailed out.”

It’s a matter of huge concern for the Pacers because now it seems like they don’t have a leg to stand on. Understandably, fans are expecting this to be the easiest route to the finals for Boston.

It seems like fans have already confirmed the dub for the Celtics as a fan tagged Jayson Tatum to the post, telling him that this fake ring wouldn’t count on his resume.

Fans aren’t the only ones who think that the Celtics are on their way to another championship. Recently, Skip Bayless also commented that JT has been blessed by the gods to finally get his first ring.

Skip Bayless predicts an easy title win for the Boston Celtics

So far in the series, Bayless has been on his A-Game regarding his predictions. The media veteran has backed the Dallas Mavericks in the WCF, and they have been phenomenal in the first two road games in the series. As for his prediction on the Eastern Conference matchup, Bayless believes that the Celtics are going to win their first ring after the 2008 win.

On a recent episode of UNDISPUTED, Bayless said, “It feels meant to be. Everything has lined up, the planets are aligned for you to cakewalk since you guys[Paul Pierce and Co.] won it in 2008.” Even though his prediction only came in after their second straight win, now that Haliburton has been ruled out for Game 3, it’ll only give him more fuel to double down on his take.

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