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Carmelo Anthony Defends Son Kiyan’s Shooting From Nate Robinson’s Comments

Advait Jajodia

Carmelo Anthony Defends Son Kiyan's Shooting From Nate Robinson's Comments

By attempting 39 shots in one of the games at the NBPA Top 100 camp, Kiyan Anthony went viral on social media. Stumbling upon Kiyan’s stat line, Nate Robinson criticized the 17-year-old for the same. However, Carmelo Anthony soon came to his son’s defense and clapped back at Robinson.

While a majority of the social media users found it hilarious that Kiyan Anthony scored 35 points on 39 shots, Nate Robinson seemed to be a bit livid. The former NBA player expressed his true opinion on the stat line in a subtle taunt when commenting on an Instagram post.

He shooting the ball every time he touches it , lol he getting buckets tho,” Robinson wrote.

Nate Robinson mocking his son didn’t sit right with Carmelo Anthony. Hence, Melo stood up for his child by politely replying to Robinson. The New York Knicks legend highlighted the fact that Kiyan was playing in “camp” and requested the 40-year-old to let the “boys enjoy their summer”.

While Kiyan’s 35-point performance might be a bit inefficient, his performance in the previous game of the same camp is impressive, to say the least. On Sunday, the four-star guard recorded 42 points in 26 minutes. For those questioning his efficiency–the 6ft 5 player went 15 of 28 from the field.

Kiyan has slowly developed into one of the better guards of his class. Through his recent performances, Kiyan also seems to back his take regarding him “frying” Carmelo Anthony at his age.

Kiyan Anthony believes he would “fry” a 16-year-old Carmelo Anthony

Kiyan Anthony went viral on social media a few months ago as well. However, he didn’t have the spotlight on himself for his on-court performance. But, the then-16-year-old made waves by giving a take on a hypothetical battle against Carmelo Anthony at his age.

Despite knowing that his father is one of the best players in NBA history, Kiyan didn’t hesitate before claiming that he would “fry” a 16-year-old Carmelo.

“I’m frying him. He wasn’t nice until he was 17,” Kiyan said.

The video inevitably reached Melo, who disagreed with his son. Being in disbelief, the 10-time NBA All-Star stated that he needed to have a word with his son. However, the 2013 Scoring Champ did laud Kiyan for backing himself.

“See the disrespect, see how he disrespect. Are you shi*ing me? Are you shi*ing me? I’m f**king with the fact that he believes that and he exudes that confidence. Calm like… usually at this age, you ask a question… It’s like immediate… This means you’ve been thinking out it…”

“He got some sh** at 16, that I wouldn’t fathom of doing at 16,” Melo said on an episode of 7 PM in Brooklyn, per Yahoo! Sports.

According to the stats, Carmelo Anthony was a far superior player during his junior year in high school than Kiyan. However, it is great to see how the NBA legend reacted to his son’s comments, not dampening his morale. It’ll be great to see how Carmelo supports his son through his upcoming senior year and the stats that the latter ends up recording.

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