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Carmelo Anthony Gives ‘Kyrie Irving Reason’ Behind Predicting Mavericks Success in the Playoffs

Shubham Singh

Carmelo Anthony Gives ‘Kyrie Irving Reason’ Behind Predicting Mavericks Success in the Playoffs

In this 2023-24 season, Kyrie Irving has silenced his critics after being accused of having a negative locker room presence. Apart from supplementing an elite scoring skillset to the Mavericks, he also became a terrific veteran mentor to the squad. His chemistry with top-scorer Luka Doncic has helped them enter the finals. Earlier, Carmelo Anthony had predicted that if the team was healthy, they could end up reigning supreme over the rest of the West.

On his 7PM in Brooklyn pod, Melo expressed that Irving’s positive aura made him believe in the Mavs. He lauded Kai’s ability to showcase his greatness after going through relentless criticism regarding his attitude toward basketball,

We’re seeing real greatness after we done seen it being sh***ed on, and make the comeback, to see him locking and doing it at an efficient high-level, like he is super locked-in?” 

Anthony pointed out how Irving adapted to the Mavs’ style of basketball which revolves around Luka Doncic. He emphasized that Irving’s willingness to sync with Doncic had a ripple effect on the Slovenian superstar. After the 2016 champion set an example, Doncic also followed suit.

Anthony remarked that their ability to mesh with each other created a “ping-pong” effect. He added, “Now Luka had to learn how to compliment what Kyrie does. So now it is a ping pong going back-and-forth of complimenting one another.

The 10x All-Star observed that since arriving at the Mavs, the dribbling wizard has been able to attain peace of mind which has reflected in both off-court and on-court scenarios. Melo is right about Irving’s conviction, which is a result of Mavs’ management making sure that he is happy in Dallas.

Kyrie Irving and the Mavs rewarded each other

During the 2023 offseason, the Mavericks worked out a 3-year/$120 Million deal with the PG and showcased trust in a market unwilling to bet on the scoring phenom. Fast forward to the NBA Finals and Irving has repaid their faith.

After defeating the dreamy Timberwolves, Kai raved about the chemistry he built with his teammates, who backed him when he was being labeled as a locker room poison,

They’ve been able to really shower me with the support and love. That’s needed for any human being, not just because I’m Kyrie Irving, and the way that they see me in the public eye. They really protect me and I protect them and I’m grateful for them.”

The guard also highlighted that he has grown as he has learned how the NBA industry operates. He confessed that earlier he responded to criticism with immaturity but now he has taken a huge flight. His profound words indicate his mental well-being and the incredible support system responsible for it.

Under the coaching of Jason Kidd, the Mavs have shown that they treat their superstars with utmost respect, which can be an example for the rest of the league. If the team goes on and wins it all, it will be an additional star in the veteran’s image.

Post Edited By:Hitesh Nigam

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