“Cavities, Diabetes!”: Charles Barkley Gets Mocked by Ernie Johnson Over His Halloween Trick-or-Treat Offerings

Nithin Joseph
|Published 12/11/2022

Charles Barkley is, without a doubt, one of the greatest NBA players of all time. His ability in the paint and his rebounding skills made him the legend he is today.

Basketball skills aside, though, Sir Charles has plenty going for him. He is an analyst on Inside the NBA, and one of the funniest ones at that.

However, he is also the butt of the joke at times, especially when Ernie Johnson is around. The man most recently questioned Charles’ choice of Halloween candy.

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Ernie Johnson mocked Charles Barkley for being cheap with his choice of Halloween candy

Halloween is long gone, but the taste of all the trick-or-treating is still fresh in everyone’s minds. Even Sir Charles Barkley truly enjoys handing out candy.

Chuck, who is a big Halloween fan, has been quoted saying he hands out ‘cavities’ and ‘diabetes’ to kids every year. Most recently, he handed it out in the form of minis, something that Inside the NBA host Ernie Johnson took issue with.

The Round Mound of Rebound was talking about how there was so much expectation of celebrities during Halloween. When Ernie asked if he handed out regulars or minis, Barkley’s answer disappointed him. Chuck tried to blame it on his huge paws, and how giving regular-size candies would set him back by a lot. However, Ernie could care less about Chuck’s excuses.

Safe to say that the Chuckster will be handing out regular-sized candy bars next Halloween. Hopefully, Ernie doesn’t have a problem then, although he probably will find something to tease the Hall of Famer about.

Charles Barkley will have to hand out premium candy after signing a mega deal to stay with Inside the NBA

Ernie Johnson’s jokes aside, there is no way Charles Barkley can cheap out on the candy next Halloween. Especially after signing a new $100 million deal with Inside the NBA.

He signed the deal alongside his other three crew members Ernie, Shaq, and Kenny Smith. They’ll all have to shell out big money on candy for the next ten years.

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