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Charles Barkley joins “friend” Michael Jordan in taking a crack at a $1.8 trillion industry

Jeet Pukhrambam
|Fri Aug 19 2022

Charles Barkley is no stranger to challenges and when his long-lost friend Michael Jordan got into the liquor business, so did he! 

Charles Barkley might not have made the most money during his time in the NBA, but today, his reputation and legend far exceed that of several other players in the league.

In fact, his repertoire is perhaps second only to Michael Jordan, who was once his close friend. A friend who has long since severed any ties from him. Charles’ life after the NBA was saved by broadcasting.

He found a new identity as the loud mouth who could analyze games and correctly call out results. Although, we are not too sure about the last part. Despite his flaws, his charming persona and “no holes barred” approach has earned him a lot of fans.

As a result, he has steadily accumulated wealth. Wealth, which he is ready to invest. But unlike his colleagues, Charles is slow to do so. He also tends to say no.

However, his latest venture into the $1.8 trillion dollar liquor industry might represent a sign of change.

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Charles Barkley has his own vodka! An attempt to rival “friend” Michael Jordan or a genuine venture?

Until this investment yields returns, the speculation will continue. Is it just providence? or Is Charles trying to beat his friend?

He is following the footsteps of several of his NBA brothers by investing in the liquor industry. The path he has chosen is that of vodka. The brand, called Redmont is located in Alabama, Barkley’s home.

Twitter users have already supported Redmont Vodka, by tweeting out how good it is. Paid promotion or has Charles’ company really nailed it?

Not to mention, he might have one-upped Shaq here, although as per our knowledge Shaq does own a brand of vodka.

Redmont distilleries are from his native Alabama, and he chose it for good reason, he wanted to give back to his community.

While the investment venture might be new, Charles’ love for the drink might not be. As one user famously tweeted, “Charles Barkley doesn’t like flavored vodka. Inside the NBA is great.”

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