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Charles Barkley Lambasts Karl-Anthony Towns for Shooting Too Many 3s

Prateek Singh

Charles Barkley Lambasts Karl-Anthony Towns for Shooting Too Many 3s

The Dallas Mavericks and the Minnesota Timberwolves will go head-to-head at Target Center tonight in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals. However, fans are still not over with what they saw in Game 1, especially the lackluster display from some T-Wolves stars. During a recent appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, Charles Barkley criticized Wolves star Karl-Anthony Towns for not taking advantage of his size and instead going the easy route.

While everything seems to be going in favor of the Mavs, Sir Charles thinks that the Wolves have a huge problem at hand. As per the NBA veteran, KAT taking shortcuts to score during the games, shooting jumpers from beyond the arc, is going to cost them a lot.

Barkley said, “Karl-Anthony Towns, who is a very good player, I don’t think he ever uses his size to his advantage. I think he always shoot too many threes.” The 1993 MVP believes that if the 7-foot giant takes his game to the paint more and uses his physique to his advantage, he can make a difference for the Wolves by getting sure buckets.

In the last game, KAT scored 16 points in 34 minutes. He went 6-for-20 from the field and shot nine threes, of which only two made their way into the bucket.

If he wishes to be the key player for the franchise, as Barkley predicted at the end of round two, Towns should start taking his advice and change his approach to the game.

Charles Barkley outlines the importance of Karl-Anthony Towns

Barkley’s recent comments should be taken as constructive criticism for KAT because he had backed the 28-year-old as a key player for the Minnesota franchise in the postseason. When the Nuggets-Wolves series was tied at 3-3 before the big Game 7, Barkley predicted that the four-time All-Star would be the difference maker in the series.

He said on TNT, “If the Timberwolves are going to win, that guy right there [KAT] is the most important player.”

Barkley’s prediction proved to be spot on as KAT ended up being the team’s best performer on the night. He scored 23 points in 39 minutes, joint highest with Jaden McDaniels. KAT also had 12 rebounds and two assists in the 98-90 win in Game 7.

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