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‘Clippers thought they were Lakers’: Skip Bayless humiliates Kawhi Leonard with ‘back to Staples basement’ tweet

Samir Mehdi

Skip Bayless humiliates Kawhi Leonard

Skip Bayless had some choice words for Kawhi Leonard and the Los Angeles Clippers as they get eliminated in Game 7 of the WCSF.

In one of the most shocking turn of events in NBA history, the Los Angeles Clippers have blown a 3-1 lead to the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference Semi-Finals to the Denver Nuggets.

With the final score, being 104-89, the Nuggets absolutely demolished the Clippers, blowing them out for an easy finish.

This prompted Skip Bayless to take to Twitter, like so many others, to tear the Los Angeles Clippers to shreds.

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Skip Bayless doesn’t hold back against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Skip Bayless has been a Kawhi Leonard believer for the longest time and has repeatedly said that the Los Angeles Clippers will reach the NBA Finals as they are built to beat the Lakers.

Well, turns out the Clippers won’t have a chance to prove Skip Bayless right or wrong as they got eliminated before they could even match up against them.

Skip Bayless finally gives in and lets the Clippers have it on social media, calling them out on their horrid performance.

He proceeded to put the blame on the Clippers’s 2 stars, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, saying they are at fault for their Game 7 collapse.

This isn’t the first time Skip Bayless has bashed the Los Angeles Clippers as he has been relentless in letting everyone know that the Lakers run Los Angeles.

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The Clippers WCF curse continues

The Los Angeles Clippers have not been able to reach the Western Conference Finals even once in their team’s history as they are 0-8 in games that would send them to the WCF.

With a majority of the NBA world agreeing that the Clippers would win it all, this is most definitely one of the most historic collapses in NBA history.

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