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Colin Cowherd Dismisses Celtics’ Chances at Dynasty Status Following Abysmal ECF Game 1 Showing

Siddid Dey Purkayastha

Colin Cowherd Dismisses Celtics' Chances at Dynasty Status Following Abysmal ECF Game 1 Showing

The Boston Celtics perhaps had one of the easiest runs through the first two playoff rounds this season. After earning a top seed in the East with a 64-18 regular season record, the Celtics went on to hammer an eighth-seeded Heat team devoid of Jimmy Butler. They further coasted past the fourth-seeded Cleveland Cavaliers, missing Donovan Mitchell, Jarret Allen, and Caris LeVert at various points in the second round.

Call it luck or great form, the Celts have now also defeated a healthy Indiana Pacers team in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. However, analyst Collin Cowherd refuses to believe that the Celtics have a shot at forming a dynasty team with their current in-form squad.

Cowherd noticed several inconsistencies with the Celtics team despite their winning ways throughout this season. To prove his point, he highlighted some of such inconsistencies in the team’s Game 1 performances against the Indiana Pacers. Dismissing Boston’s hope of forming a dynasty on The Herd Show, Cowherd remarked,

“I want to thank the Celtics for their transparency. If they do win a title this year, no chance at a dynasty.” 

One of Cowherd’s main concerns was Jayson Tatum‘s inconsistency throughout the Celtics’ playoff run. The FS1 analyst discerned that Tatum had no field goal or assist in the final nine minutes of regulation in ECF Game 1.

Expressing his disappointment, Cowherd added, “In a star-driven league, Tatum not only disappoints, he just disappears, and I have been on this for four years. What is this offense? Where does he go? What is he thinking? To not have an assist?”  

Cowherd then compared the Celtics as an antithesis of the New York Knicks team this season. The Knicks could depend on their Jalen Brunson throughout the season and in the playoffs without fearing the possibility of their star performer disappointing on the floor. The Celtics, on the other hand, could not find reliability in their star Jayson Tatum.

Celtics GM Brad Stevens understood these loopholes in the last off-season and added options such as Kristaps Porziņģis and Jrue Holiday to fill those gaps. However, the team’s refracted success in the past eight years still shows an unresolved tension at play for Boston. If this Celtics team can live up to what it has so far promised, perhaps it would make all these struggles worthwhile.

The stakes are high for the Boston Celtics to win a championship

The Celtics have qualified for the Eastern Conference Finals three years in a row. And yet, they have failed to break their championship drought since 2008. Charting the success of the Cs in the Jayson Tatum era almost seems impossible if we were to opt out of the team’s recent deep playoff runs.

On that note, former Celtics player Brian Scalabrine believes that the clock might be ticking for the Celtics to either win a championship or be deemed as a failure. Speaking to Shams Charania on Run It Back, Scalabrine said, “It is definitely a failure if they [Boston Celtics] don’t win a championship.” 

The possibilities seem two-folded for the Celts- another chance of embarrassment or a breakthrough to the Larry O’Brien trophy. However, if luck seems to favor the Cs as it has so far, perhaps the current squad could break the 16-year-long trophy drought for the most successful franchise in the NBA.

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