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Damian Lillard Agrees With Elle Duncan’s ‘Caitlin Clark’ Rant Addressing Charles Barkley’s Comments

Abhishek Dhariwal

Damian Lillard Agrees With Elle Duncan's 'Caitlin Clark' Rant Addressing Charles Barkley's Comments

Most expected the arrival of Caitlin Clark to the WNBA would be one with open arms. But instead, the reactions from fans, analysts, and even players have been mixed at best. Most see what is going on here and have spoken out against it on numerous occasions. Choosing to go the other way despite all the hubbub, Elle Duncan shockingly claimed that there was no problem in the first place.

Speaking on ‘ESPNW’, the sports news anchor questioned what women were supposed to do, before mockingly posing a few scenarios that she believes the larger community expects.

“Who are these girls that are hating on Caitlin Clark? Are you just combing through Twitter? What else are these women supposed to do? Fawn over her? Fangirl over her? Bend a f**king knee? Kiss the ring? Like, what do you want from them?”



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Duncan’s heated rant ended up catching the attention of Milwaukee Bucks’ star point guard, Damian Lillard who went on to share the video on his Instagram Stories. Lillard captioned the video, “Bingo,” indicating his agreement with Elle’s point.

The veteran sports analyst could not fathom how people could be infuriated about the WNBA not seeming hyped enough over Caitlin Clark. She even mentioned how those fans have been grateful but to revisit every game and every highlight was just not feasible.

She even drew comparisons to how if players were to appreciate an opponent too much in the NBA, everyone would only be treated as soft, perhaps even incompetent. To be fair to the sports anchor, she isn’t wrong.

That said, the negativity in Duncan’s voice is unmistakable, alluding to the possibility that someone else’s statement may have struck a nerve. If this truly is the case, then perhaps Charles Barkley needs to be held accountable. Speaking on Caitlin Clark not too long ago, the NBA legend said,

“You women out there, y’all petty, man… Y’all should be thanking that girl [Clark] for getting y’all ass private charters. All the money and visibility she’s bringing to the WNBA, don’t be petty like dudes. Listen, what she’s accomplished, give her her flowers.” per AP News

Especially given just how much the mere presence of Caitlin Clark has benefitted the WNBA financially, it is very difficult to argue with Charles Barkley’s words. That said, the detractors of the Indiana Fever guard will likely side with Elle Duncan’s statements. And consequently, all the noise around the player will only continue.

However, despite all the hoopla around her, Caitlin doesn’t seem too bothered.

Caitlin Clark’s sole focus has been her craft

Having just begun her career in the league, the total number of games played by Caitlin Clark has not even reached double digits yet. However, the young sharpshooter has been slowly, but steadily, adjusting well to being in the WNBA.

“I’m just trying to remind myself, like, I know this is my job now, but, like, I have fun playing this game and I think that needs to be my focus through the course of this year. It’s just like, have fun, that’s when I’m at my best, too, and that’s when I was at my best in college.”

In the five games she has played with the Indiana Fever so far, Caitlin Clark has averaged 17.8 points along with 5.8 assists, and 4.6 rebounds per game, in just over 31 minutes of action.

With the pace she has been playing, it likely won’t take long for the former Iowa Hawkeyes star to look like herself again, even at this massive stage.

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