“Damn! Michael Jordan Plugged Me?”: Gilbert Arenas Talks MJ Making a Call to Arizona and Vouching For Him

Akash Murty
|Published March 17, 2023

Gilbert Arenas is one of the biggest, if not the greatest “What ifs” of all time. The former Washington Wizards guard once did not just destroy Jordan camp playing alongside Michael Jordan, he impressed MJ so much so, that he made a call to Arenas’ college.

It would not sound like something the Bulls’ legend would do. The man barely did anything, going out of his way. That’s not a shot at him in any way.

It is just because of the fact that ‘His Airness’ was a very busy man even in between his retirement(s). It was during his second break from the NBA when he supposedly made a call for a future Wizards star from the Jordan Camp.

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When Michael Jordan made a call to Arizona for Gilbert Arenas

Arenas might have missed out on playing with Michael Jordan in Washington by a year, but Agent 0 did get to play with him in Jordan Camp back in 1999 when he was probably going to get a redshirt.

In a recent episode of No Chill With Gilbert Arenas, the former 3x All-Star of the NBA who made it to the big stage after getting in the second round in the 2001 Draft, reminisced about the time when he was going to get delayed on his college eligibility, i.e., redshirt.

Arenas recalls that he wasn’t awestruck like “Damn! Michael Jordan plugged me,” rather, he took it as a moral booster and made the most of it. Listen to him narrate the story himself.

Gilbert Arenas had it all but he failed to become a legend

Hunger to score like MJ, a work ethic parallel to Kobe Bryant’s, and skills, athleticism, and physicality too good for a point guard, Arenas had it all.

However, somehow he still ended up with a sub-par career that was a result of several dramas and injuries which didn’t just affect his career graph but also had him retire early from the game.

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