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“Days on This Earth are Numbered”: Dwight Howard in Disbelief Watching LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Andre Iguodala’s Son Play Basketball

Hitesh Nigam

"Days on This Earth are Numbered": Dwight Howard in Disbelief Watching LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Andre Iguodala's Son Play Basketball

The stars of the NBA, who are a source of inspiration for many in the basketball community, are also the proud fathers of some of the finest upcoming talents. The Instagram user, ‘houseofhighlights’, recently shared a post highlighting some of these young hoopers who are making their organizations proud. And Dwight Howard is surprised to see their swift development and is more than just happy about it.

Shocked at how quickly these kids have entered the national basketball scene, the former LA Lakers Center shared the post on his Instagram story. The story highlighted the sentiment of a basketball fan, “My days on this Earth are numbered.”


The list begins with the son of the four-time NBA champion, Andre Iguodala Jr., a 6’6″ forward representing Link Academy, Missouri. In one of his post-game interactions, Iguodala Jr. has revealed his wish to “model his game after Kevin Durant and Paul George,” declaring that he doesn’t want to play like his father.

However, this might not be the wish of the next pair, Bronny James and Bryce James. The sons of the NBA’s all-time top scorer are from Sierra Canyon School. While Bronny has moved on to the University of Southern California to play for the USC Trojans, Bryce is next in line to start his college career.

Sons of former NBA stars Carmelo Anthony and Gilbert Arenas, Kiyan Anthony and Alijah Arenas are next on the list. While Kiyan represents Long Island Lutheran as a shooting guard, Arenas Jr. plays for Chatsworth International School in the same position. Needless to say, Kiyan, when on the court, hoops just like Melo Jr. should.

The last on the list is former Chicago Bulls power forward Carlos Boozer’s twins, Cayden and Cameron Boozer. Despite being born together, Cameron is a 6’9″ forward, while Cayden is a 6’3″ guard. The brothers currently play for Columbus High School in Miami and are on the lookout for their next destination.

It is not surprising to see NBA stars’ sons following in the footsteps of their fathers. Basketball is a sport that is very dependent on an athlete’s height. Therefore, a lot of NBA hoopers tend to come from the same family. A prominent example is probably Golden State superstar Stephen Curry, whose father Wardell Curry played in the NBA for the Charlotte Hornets.

Dwight Howard’s son will also be joining the list soon

While Dwight Howard is the father of five children, the youngest one David Howard, has been recently involved with his father in learning about the league and what it takes to be a hooper in the NBA. In an Instagram post, Howard was seen imparting words of wisdom to his youngest as he claimed that he was “MVP of defense for three years in a row”. However, he wants his son “to be greater than me [Dwight Howard]”.

To support his son at school, Howard even went to his school recently as a surprise. Needless to say, these young talents are the future of the league and one day will make their fathers proud by taking on the same court.

Post Edited By:Hitesh Nigam

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