“Dennis Rodman would eat Draymond Green alive”: When James Worthy gave his opinion about the Warriors point-forward’s chances against The Worm

Akash Murty
|Published 30/05/2022

Dennis Rodman, Ben Wallace, and Draymond Green come under a category of players that a championship aspiring team must have for becoming a dynasty. But is Green better than Rodman?

Draymond Green is undoubtedly a generational talent who can do it all on the court but can also affect the game in every way without even giving the scorekeeper much trouble.

Warriors’ defense and even offense might turn out to be nothing if they play without Dray. We are talking about one of the best offenses and defenses in the NBA for the last 8 years. And Green leads both those fronts.

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Dubs coach Steve Kerr believes and has openly said that the 2017 DPOY is “the only guy that can dominate a game without scoring at all was Dennis Rodman.”

The man played with ‘The Worm’ and won three titles with and also led Green and Splash Brothers to three titles, so, he must know what he’s talking about. But James Worthy didn’t echo Kerr’s statement and had his own opinion on the subject.

James Worthy has said Dennis Rodman would eat Draymond Green alive

There’s a long-running debate about who among the 73-9 Warriors of 2015-16 or the 72-10 Bulls of 1995-96 is better, along with that came up a comparison between the menaces of the teams.

While most players of this generation see Draymond as the equivalent to Dennis, players from that era believe the latter was a far more impactful player. And here is the reason why James Worthy of the Showtime Lakers believes so.

“I don’t think Draymond could handle Dennis Rodman,” Worthy said. “I think [Draymond] can play, but Dennis had that type of personality. Pound for pound, Dennis was the toughest guy I ever played against.” Worthy said a few years ago on a Road Trippin podcast appearance with Richard Jefferson.

“Nobody in that era would allow [Draymond] to do what he does. He gets away with murder out there. And the way he kicks and is physical, that wouldn’t happen with Dennis. I’m telling you, Dennis would eat him alive.”

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There’s always a little bias of players from any generation towards players of their time because it also affiliates them as better players. Rodman was a better defender than Green is, period.

But we all know that Dubs Point-forward affects a basketball game in more ways than Dennis the Menace did, and so, it’s pretty clear who actually is more impactful among the two.

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