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Despite Claiming to Have Beaten LeBron James, NFL Legend Unsure of Overcoming Luka Doncic in 1 on 1

Prateek Singh

Despite Claiming to Have Beaten LeBron James, NFL Legend Unsure of Overcoming Luka Doncic in 1 on 1

After claiming to have cooked LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and Russell Westbrook in 1v1 pickup games, Chad Ochocinco Johnson finally named a player he can’t beat. During an appearance on the Roommates Show podcast, Johnson claimed that Luka Doncic is one player that he isn’t sure if he could beat. However, the hesitation only survived for a few minutes as he quickly switched back to his old confidence.

Since Johnson was making wild claims about beating some of the greatest players of all time, Jalen Brunson jumped on the opportunity to ask him about Luka when the Mavs star and his game were being discussed. Surprisingly, the NFL legend hesitated in claiming that he could take Luka in a 1 v 1 game.

“I don’t know… because it’s a bigger frame, it’s a bigger body. Now, you guys are within my height.”

Saying that beating a 6’7 Luka would be a problem when you’ve allegedly defeated a 6’9 LeBron might not sit well with the NBA fans, but only someone like Johnson can make this claim.

The 46-year-old said that Luka’s height and weight would make it difficult to beat him because he would be at an advantage. As everyone on the panel was surprised by this sudden humility in Johnson, he quickly brought the old flame back. Even though he didn’t claim that it would be easy for him, Johnson said, “I’d probably give him that work. Just thinking about it.”

According to Johnson, if Luka doesn’t take the game to the paint and they stay off the dribble with enough space, he would give the Mavs star a very hard time on the court.

Chad Ochocinco Johnson’s claim against LeBron James and co.

Prior to backing out from a challenge against Luka Doncic, Johnson was on another level of confidence while talking about his conquests against LeBron, Melo, Westbrook, and D Wade. Johnson even claimed that he had prepared these athletes for their upcoming seasons in the past and they could trust the process because he beat them 1 v 1.

He said, “Ask Carmelo (Anthony), ask D. Wade, and ask Westbrook what I did to him (LeBron James) when we played 1-on-1 when they was prepping for the season.”

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During the conversation with Shannon Sharpe, he claimed that he beat LeBron 21-17 for $1000 in a 1 v 1 game at YMCA. Even though Unc didn’t believe a single word coming out of his mouth, he was generous enough to play along with the bit because it was hilarious to witness.

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