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“LeBron Had Lost Which Was Fun”: Ochocinco Doubles Down on Not Only Beating James 1v1 But a Myriad of NBA Legends

Prateek Singh

"LeBron Had Lost Which Was Fun": Ochocinco Doubles Down on Not Only Beating James 1v1 But a Myriad of NBA Legends

Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson has no qualms claiming that he has beaten NBA greats like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and Russell Westbrook in 1v1 pickup games, without breaking a sweat. The NFL veteran is known for being a bit quirky with his stories of basketball conquests. But seems like he’s doubling down on that narrative even more. During a recent appearance on the Roommates Show, Johnson detailed the experience of bodying these NBA giants.

The funniest part is that Ochocinco delivers his lines with absolute conviction, and he makes it seem like he believes what he says in all seriousness. Quite similar to his previous testimonies, Johnson claimed on Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart’s new show that he has played pickup with almost every big name in the NBA and has beaten the likes of LeBron James with ease.

When Jalen Brunson intervened, saying that he hasn’t actually beaten everyone, Johnson said, “I mean, you guys will be on the list, the hit list, that have lost. Because LeBron has lost, which was fun.” He also clarified that the matchup was very serious and there’s no joking around during competition.

Ocho’s ability to stick to the script is admirable because this was not the first platform where he had made this claim. During his conversation with Shannon Sharpe, a well-known LeBron fan, on the Nightcap show, Johnson argued with Unc on the same topic. The 46-year-old told Sharpe that he and LBJ played 1 v 1 at the YMCA where he beat the all-time NBA points leader 21-17 for $1000. Sharpe tried to humble Ocho by saying that he can’t shoot and he doesn’t know how to play anything else but football. But that only made him go deeper into the bit.


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Johnson even claimed that he trained the likes of Carmelo Anthony and D-Wade for their upcoming seasons in the summer.

LeBron James “gifted” Chad Johnson his 40k point ball

It’s a common practice for athletes to collect memorabilia from their iconic games. For LeBron, there has been a lot of such moments, and he must have several game balls in his collection. However, his most recent and arguably one of the most iconic game balls is with Chad Johnson. On the Nightcap show, he told Unc that LBJ gave him the game ball after he asked for it on X.

He said, “I am gonna hold this layup ball where he hit 40k points dear to my heart.” Ocho told Sharpe that he is about to move into a new home, and is going to create a separate showcase for the ball to give it the respect that it deserves. He also showed the alleged LBJ sign on the ball to make his claim look more authentic. While he was neck deep into this bit, Unc couldn’t do much but play along.

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