“Did Josh Richardson call LeBron James the G.O.A.T?”: Spurs guard snubs Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant for the best player in the world in a Soccer-Basketball comparison

Arun Sharma
|Published April 25, 2022

LeBron James is one of the best players of all time – Josh Richardson thinks he is the G.O.A.T.

19 years, 38k points, 10k assists, and 10k rebounds – along with 4 championships make LeBron James a favorite for the best player of all time. It looks like Josh Richardson thinks so too.  Despite the obvious difference in playstyle, build, and demeanor, he chose Lionel Messi to match up with the Akron Born 37-year-old.

They could not be more apart in the way they are built, but look closely, and you’ll find similarities. Despite not being a score-first kind of guy, Bron has 38k points. Just like the diminutive Argentinian forward is more of a facilitator, but has 762 goals.

Josh was also asked about various other footballers, to which he rattled out names rather quickly. While the Leo Messi – Bron one might be debatable, others are plain wrong. Who puts an incredible scorer from any place on the court like Kevin Durant to a fox in the box like Robert Lewandowski?

Josh’s comparison put Chris Paul against him, which meant he thought CP3 was a guy who could not perform on the biggest of stages.

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LeBron James is a strong athletic specimen that comes once in a lifetime – like Cristiano Ronaldo – not Messi

One thing both Cristiano and LeBron have in common is their ability to maintain peak physical fitness despite being in their twilight years as a player. Both the 37-year-olds can still give younger players a run for their money, despite clocking over half their lives to the sport they dominate.

Plus CR7 is no slouch when it comes to his stats – the highest ever goalscorer in the world, which Bron will soon be in his world too.

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Josh Richardson may know something we don’t because he just skipped Michael Jordan for the comparison to Messi. Both of them are widely regarded as the best to ever grace their respective sport, but he decided to throw a curveball.

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Ja Morant for Kylian Mbappe is not a bad take, considering how either one could be poised to take over their sport, provided their growth trajectory continues in the same way. One could argue for Luka Doncic, but their movement, playstyle, and the rest don’t match up.

The only common factor they might end up having is to have played for Real Madrid in their careers.

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This take from a fan should be treated as decent, but one thing that both sets of sports fans can chuckle over is how Lacazette is compared to Danny Green. That there is a violation of the highest order.

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