Cover Image for Donovan Mitchell NBA All-Star diet and fitness regime: How does Utah Jazz superstar maintain his athleticism through the hard grind of an NBA season?

Donovan Mitchell NBA All-Star diet and fitness regime: How does Utah Jazz superstar maintain his athleticism through the hard grind of an NBA season?

Arjun Julka
|Thu Aug 05 2021

Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell shares the diet that helps keep him in shape and advances his on-court performances.

Mitchell had the greatest season of his career this year though it had a bitter ending to it. The Utah Jazz had the best record in the NBA this year, 52-20. The Jazz led the league in 3-pointers made and total rebounds.

The 24-year old averaged 26.4 PPG, 5.2 APG, and 1.0 SPG on a 43.8% shooting from the field and an impressive 84.5% shooting from the free-throw line.

Mitchell’s ankle injury during the playoffs didn’t seem to stop him as the 2x All-Star elevated his game to a whole new level during the post-season. Mitchell averaged 32.3 PPG in the 10 games he played during the playoffs on an incredible 43.5% shooting from the 3-point line.

However, the University of Louisville player would have a disappointing end to his spectacular run in the playoffs, when the Clippers defeated the Jazz after being down 0-2 in the series. Mitchell was in complete disbelief and was quoted saying the following, “It hasn’t fully sunk in for me yet. I’m still in shock.”

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Though the Jazz underperformed in the playoffs, the same cannot be said for Mitchell. The 24-year old was sensational and had some breath-taking performances. Spida Mitchell is known to be one of the more physically tougher guards when compared to others in the league.

A look at the nutritious diet of Jazz superstar Donovan Mitchell

In an episode of Eat Like a Celebrity on Men’s Health, Spida Mitchell gives us a glimpse of his everyday diet. The Jazz guard is an athletic freak who can shatter the basketball rims with his dunks.

Mitchell starts his day with a bottle of water before he gets ready to go to the training facility. He has 7-8 bottles of body armor water a day that is naturally alkaline hydrating water for athletes.

The 24-year old has ginger tea in the morning, known for its hydration and zero calories. His breakfast includes a couple of pancakes with 4-5 eggs and turkey bacon sometimes.

Mitchell would 1-2 cups of beet elite as his pre-workout before getting a 45-minutes session of strength training done. Some of his other supplements include amino acids.

The Jazz star is a huge fan of smoothies and prefers to have it in his post-workout meal. Mitchell’s lunch is a carbohydrate-rich meal, which helps him fuel energy, usually consisting of grilled chicken and pasta. The Jazz guard has a preference for lean meats. The man is not a fan of spinach but has started having them recently.

His dinner usually consists of duck with pasta or rice. Duck is known to be a great source of protein.

Mitchell tries to avoid the following foods such as fried and processed. A huge gummy bear fan though he tries to limit as much as possible.

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