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Draymond Green Reveals Key Reason Why Comparing Women’s College Basketball to Men’s Basketball Is ‘Disastrous’

Prateek Singh

Draymond Green Reveals Key Reason Why Comparing Women’s College Basketball to Men’s Basketball Is ‘Disastrous’

The recently concluded women’s NCAA championship was one of the best campaigns in the history of college basketball. With the immense support and attention of the entire sports world, the women gracefully led the campaign and made it a success. However, after that recognition, a narrative has started doing the rounds where people are comparing women’s college basketball to men’s basketball. Recently, Draymond Green on his The Draymond Green Show podcast explained why this is a disastrous take for the sport.

If we look at the viewership for the men’s and women’s national championship games, the women’s game garnered 18.9 million viewership whereas the men’s campaign received 14.8 million. So, without a doubt, the women’s campaign was more successful and for a large majority, more exciting.

However, according to Green, these numbers don’t paint the full picture and blindly believing in them could lead to some disheartening results in the future.

“Ultimately, I think that’s a recipe for disaster, because number one, when you start talking about NBA and WNBA, the NBA is 50 years older than the WNBA. So, that right there, alone is going to give you a very big gap,” said Green.

Green also argued that comparing the two could be fatal because the biggest star in college basketball was Caitlin Clark, and with her moving to the WNBA now, there isn’t anyone who could immediately replace her.

As per the 4x champion, the same problem lies within the WNBA as well and more importantly, these comparisons should not exist in the first place because they’re not competing for the same thing.

Draymond Green gives major props to the women’s college basketball stars

The women’s sport is surely going through its best phase. Not only that they have raised the level of competition but there is a genuine interest among fans, and they really want to keep themselves updated with the latest developments. There’s also a huge star presence in the game after a very long time where players like Clark, Angel Reese, Cameron Brink and more are just as popular as the male players.

Draymond Green Reveals Key Reason Why Comparing Women’s College Basketball to Men's Basketball Is 'Disastrous'
Credits: USA Today Sports

So, keeping the spirit alive, Green gave major props to the women in sports for their efforts in elevating the standard of the game. He said, “Congratulations to Caitlin on an amazing career. Absolutely amazing what she has done for the game.”

The Warriors star also gave a shoutout to Dawn Staley, stating that she is one of the greatest of all time in the history of this game.

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