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Footage Of Anthony Davis ‘Death Staring’ Darvin Ham Surfaces Following Lakers Game 3 Loss

Abhishek Dhariwal

Footage Of Anthony Davis 'Death Staring' Darvin Ham Surfaces Following Lakers Game 3 Loss

History may be about to repeat itself in the first-round series between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets after the latter took a lead of three games to none. Following the Lakers’ Game 3 loss, footage of Anthony Davis giving his head coach a death stare surfaced, along with LeBron James cursing at the officials during the game.

The Denver Nuggets handed the Los Angeles Lakers their third straight loss of this series with a 112-105 score in game 3. Only one game away from sweeping the Lakers in the playoffs once again, tensions are definitely rising among the LA squad.


The video above shows Anthony Davis staring down Lakers head coach Darvin Ham after he was calling a play during a timeout. One thing that is noticeable right off the bat is Davis and LeBron’s lack of interest as their head coach is calling plays.

In the video, Anthony Davis can be seen paying no attention to the play Ham was calling during a break in the game, most likely a timeout. After Ham was done, he walked up to the court as Davis gave his own coach the death stare.

What might seem even more alarming for some may be the fact that Davis had to go back and check what play the team was going to be running next. The video also shows a few interactions between the officials and LeBron James.

James can be heard cursing and complaining to the referees over missed calls and calls being awarded to the Denver Nuggets.

“He fouled him at the f**king free throw line.”

“Ah, bullsh*t. Now you wanna call it? Come on, man.”

Given the type and amount of technicals being handed out to players daily, it is surprising to see how James can get away with such responses to the officials while he’s on the floor.

Now, circling back to AD’s death stare, this will once again spark the debate of ‘Is Darvin Ham a good coach?’ Whether Ham has the potential to be a great coach or not, the narrative towards him has already taken a toll, on social media at least.

Satisfying the Lakers fanbase may be one of the most difficult tasks of them all. Lakers fans always have high expectations from their team, year in and year out. It is either a championship or a bust for them.

Supposedly, given how someone or the other always ends up being thrown under the bus around LeBron James, Darvin Ham’s resume seems to already be tainted over his tenure as the Lakers head coach. And his future is more than likely to be in question if the Lakers end up being swept by the Nuggets for two consecutive years in a row.

Anthony Davis faces heat from fellow All-Star forward

Darvin Ham getting death stares from Anthony Davis is sure to spark the debate, ‘Is Darvin Ham the problem?’ Moreover, Davis’ comments regarding his head coach after the team’s loss in Game 2 are only going to amplify such questions. Davis’ simple statement ended up being construed as criticism of his head coach’s responsibilities from the sidelines.

“We have stretches where we don’t know what we’re doing on both ends of the floor.”

Given how it is the head coach’s responsibility to make sure his team knows what to do on both ends of the floor, this seemed like a dig on Darvin Ham by his All-Star forward. After AD’s response went viral, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green came to Darvin Ham’s aid. Green addressed Davis’ statement on his podcast and expressed his displeasure over it.

The Lakers are now down 0-3, going into Game 4 of the series. Until and unless LeBron James and the Lakers manage to miraculously win four straight games, unfortunately for Lakers fans, this might be all there is in store for them this year.

Post Edited By:Sameen Nawathe

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