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“I Leave Them Alone”: Magic Johnson, Who Owns a Part of the $4 Billion Los Angeles Dodgers, Doesn’t Interact With the Players Before Games

Adit Pujari

“I Leave Them Alone”: Magic Johnson, Who Owns a Part of the $4 Billion Los Angeles Dodgers, Doesn’t Interact With the Players Before Games

Magic Johnson, who is a Lakers legend, owns a minority stake in the LA baseball club Los Angeles Dodgers which is worth over $4 billion.

Magic Johnson is one of the most appreciated players in league history. The flashy passer led the Lakers to 5 championships.

However, after an unfortunate HIV diagnosis, Johnson hastily retired from the NBA. But that wasn’t the end of his legacy. From then on, Magic became one of the most ferocious investors. Over the years, he has amassed a grand fortune and is estimated to be worth an insane $620 million.

As a former athlete and now a major entrepreneur, Johnson’s need to own sports teams trumps his all other wants. He has minority ownership in a couple of sports teams including the baseball club Los Angeles Dodgers.

Previously, Johnson also owned a minority share in his former team Lakers. Though he sold it off back in 2010. But with the Dodgers, Johnson is way more hands-on. In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Magic disclosed his pre-game routine with the 2020 World Series Champions.

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Magic Johnson doesn’t interact with Dodgers players before their games

The Dodgers are all set to face the San Diego Padres in their first playoffs game of the 2022 postseason. Magic Johnson, who leads the group of owners of the team, is understandably excited about his.

Johnson has already been rewarded for investing in the LA-based ballpark. The team brought him his first World Series title back in 2020. On the Kimmel show, Johnson eagerly discussed his antics with the Dodgers squad.

Jimmy asked Magic if he has any pregame routine with the team. Johnson claimed that he liked to leave the players alone. He explained that most players have their own pregame routine and he was not keen on disrupting it.

Instead, Johnson prefers to stay on the sidelines. But according to Magic, even on the sidelines, he is as into the games as the players. He confessed that he sweats profusely, almost as if he played the game himself.

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Johnson is proud of the Los Angeles Dodgers

In the same interview, Johnson revealed how he is proud of the Los Angeles Dodgers. He loves how they play and also their winning spirit. But what he most appreciates is how fans love the team and have maintained high footfall to the ballpark.

Magic has owned the club for the last ten years. Though not the majority stake owner in the team, he leads the group of owners. The club is currently worth a whopping $4.08 billion.

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