“I lost my virgi*ity at age 4!”: When Wilt Chamberlain revealed details about his first ever se*ual experience

Joe Viju
|Published April 22, 2022

NBA legend Wilt Chamberlain once opened up about the story behind losing his virgi*ity before turning five, even claiming to be ‘big’ for his age.

During his time in the NBA, Wilt Chamberlain was an unstoppable force and was a man amongst boys in the 60s. The 7’1 center, towered over his opponents in height, skill, and sheer athleticism. In fact, he even had a 100-point game, which doesn’t look like it’ll be broken anytime soon. Nowadays, social media goes wild when a player puts up 50 in a game. Wilt did it every night.

However, none of his on-court records come close to his off-the-court ones. Wilt the Stilt once claimed to have slept with 20,000 women throughout his lifetime. While the stats he put in league are nothing short of majestic, his off-the-court numbers are somehow even more impressive.

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To sleep with that many women, you have to start from a very young age. And Wilt did exactly that. But in his case, it’s younger than you can possibly imagine.

Wilt Chamberlain claims to lose his virgi*ity at age 4.

Many believe Wilt Chamberlain’s claim of sleeping with 20,000 women is nothing but a legend. And like many myths, it’s quite interesting to find out how it started. In fact, in an interview with Howard Stern, The Big Dipper revealed the fact that he had s*x for the first time ‘before turning five’, claiming he was big for his age.

The answer completely shocked the host. In fact, Stern even acknowledged he couldn’t see his ‘pecker’ at that age. He goes on to say –

“You were never back in the clothing room when you were in grade school? Actually, we were on rugs in kindergarten. And they’d give us these 15-minute sleeping periods. [That’s where] those things happened.”

Wow! While Wilt didn’t reveal her name out of respect, he even claimed she was alive and doing fine. It’s no secret by now that the Wilt the Stilt was a womanizer, and it looks like that was the case from a very, very young age. All that being said, one thing is for sure, Wilt Chamberlain lived his life to the fullest.

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