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“I wanted a dog or a lion, took a dog because I don’t have the house for a lion”: Anthony Edwards gives jolliest interview ever on Timberwolves podcast

Amulya Shekhar

"If Dwyane Wade and Vince Carter had a baby, it would be Anthony Edwards": The Wolves guard gets big praise from Klay Thompson's father and former NBA champion Mychal Thompson

Anthony Edwards is setting the bar pretty high, as far as entertaining no. 1 picks go. His Timberwolves+ interview is the stuff of legend.

The 2020 no. 1 draft pick was in his element in his interview for the team’s official podcast. ‘Ant’, as he likes to call himself, gave some of the craziest and most candid answers we’ve ever seen anyone give. The rook’s definitely a colorful character. Just dwell on this exchange, as an example:

Marney Gellner (Host): “Have you thought about the doors that now open and the possibility of being able to meet whoever you want given your draft position and future in the NBA?”

Anthony Edwards: “Yeah I thought about”

  • “Well who do you want to meet”

  • “No one.”

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Anthony Edwards would really like to own a lion in the future

When asked whether he’d like to own a dog, Edwards replied that he already had one. He said that he spent most of his quarantine chilling with his dog.

Then, without any kind of provocation or prodding, Edwards remarked that he’d really have liked a lion. He then said he didn’t get one because he didn’t ‘have the house for it’.

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Edwards is definitely going to get a lot of fans if he becomes a good basketball player. He has the goofiness and the innocent mannerisms that endear fans to players so much. He’s definitely one of the most transparently humorous guys in the NBA over the recent past. It seems he has a naturally winning personality.

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