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“I was so happy, I wanted to do a backflip”- Deandre Ayton’s reaction after learning of Chris Paul trade to Suns

Samir Mehdi
|Fri Dec 04 2020

Deandre Ayton says that he was ecstatic upon hearing the Phoenix Suns acquired Chris Paul this offseason.

The first big name move of this 2020 offseason was the Chris Paul acquisition by the Phoenix Suns, from the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Suns did in fact have to give up Kelly Oubre Jr. and Ricky Rubio, along with a substantial amount of FRPs but it was a trade that was necessary for the organization to make. The trade was made to essentially keep Devin Booker in Phoenix.

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Booker has stated multiple times that he is done with not making the Playoffs. He wants to play for a winning team, and with Paul at the 1, the Suns could very well be a top 8 seed in the West.

Deandre Ayton on his first reaction to Chris Paul coming to the Phoenix Suns.

Chris Paul’s time on the Thunder helped revitalize his career. Before the start of the 2019-20 NBA season, it seemed as though the market wasn’t too high on Paul due to his nagging lower body injuries.

However, upon leading OKC to the Playoffs and almost making it to the 2nd round, his trade value skyrocketed. CP3 proved he was still a premier guard in this league.

This is why, upon hearing the Suns traded for the ‘Point God’, Ayton could barely contain his excitement. In his media availability, Deandre said, “When I heard it was official, I wanted to do a backflip. You ever seen a 7 footer do a backflip?”

How much will Ayton benefit from having Chris Paul on the team?

Deandre Ayton will most definitely up his game next season with Chris Paul in the lineup. Paul has a tendency to convert an athletic big into a deadly lob threat.

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The reason the Clippers were known as ‘Lob City’ was because of Paul throwing up perfect dimes to Deandre Jordan and Blake Griffin. Ayton is a hard screener and an effective rim-runner. With Paul dictating the offense, expect Ayton to become a better scorer.

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