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Is Shaq A Que? Shaquille O’Neal’s Fraternity Revealed

Shubham Singh

Is Shaq A Que? Shaquille O'Neal's Fraternity Revealed

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity was formed in 1911 and since then a lot of African American athletes have pledged allegiance to it. Considering the rich historical background and star-studded members, it is one of the most renowned fraternities in the world. Its members are often referred to as ‘que dogs’ in the HBCU culture. Shaquille O’Neal has also referred to this fraternity on numerous occasions. So, is Shaq a que dog too?

In 2014, the Omega Psi Fraternity held its 79th Grand Conclave at the Marriott Hotel and Pennsylvania Convention Center. At the time, Shaq referred to his connection with the historical fraternity and what made him join the well-heralded social organization.

He also touched upon his early experience at Louisiana State University(LSU) and how the existing fraternity members made a deep impression on him,

When I was in college those guys looked out for me. I was a young buck on campus. They showed me around at the football games. They just had so much brotherly love. So, then when I learned about it. I said, ‘You know what? I think I can do this.”

Mandatory Credit: Robert Bunch-USA TODAY NETWORK

The LSU alum then stated that he loved the idea of becoming a ‘Que Dog’ after his wonderful experience at LSUin college. He knew that he had found a special place to channel his inner self.

Mostly all the football players were ‘Que Dogs.’ That’s what they called themselves. I wanted to be a part of the organization,” O’Neal added.

Thus, the 3x Finals MVP has deep roots with the fraternity and loves to flash his allegiance. He has also spoken about the influence of the predominantly African-American organization in various communities.

Shaquille O’Neal is a big fan of Omega Psi Fraternity

In 2018, during the ‘Get Ready Fest’ in New Orleans, organized by the Malcolm Jenkins Foundation to address the concerns regarding food insecurity, Shaquille O’Neal spoke highly about the fraternity.

Highlighting his fraternity’s immense contributions to the event, the big fella termed them the “greatest in the world”. He alluded to the fraternity’s ability to influence young kids and added that he has also kept this trend going, as one of its most successful members.

Another instance of Shaq’s love towards the well-heralded fraternity was when he invoked its name during a hot chip challenge on ‘Inside the NBA’. To cope with the unbearable sensation in his mouth, he referred to the tough-as-nails approach of those associated with the fraternity, “Y’all must not fraternity I’m in, tell ‘em man. Omega Psi Phi. Till we die. This is nothing to me.

However, the Lakers legend was ready to tap out of the hot chip challenge immediately after his proclamation while trying his best to hide the discomfort. At any rate, the incident proved that when the going gets tough, Omega Psi Phi’s allegiance comes to the rescue of the LSU alum. 

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