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Joe Mazzulla Reflects on Celtics’ Losses vs ‘Highly, Highly Desperate’ Bucks and Knicks Ahead of Upcoming Playoffs

Abhishek Dhariwal

Joe Mazzulla Reflects on Celtics’ Losses vs ‘Highly, Highly Desperate’ Bucks and Knicks Ahead of Upcoming Playoffs

It sure does look pretty when you’re sitting atop the league but it also comes with its own set of drawbacks. One of the biggest issues of being the team with the best record in the NBA is the constant struggle to stay above others as multiple teams pull you from a new and different direction. Boston Celtics are now in a difficult position as despite being the team with the best record in the season, their recent matchups have raised concerns. However, head coach Joe Mazzulla seems to be unfazed by the recent results. 

The Celtics were handed their second consecutive loss as the New York Knicks dominated, resulting in a 118-109 win. As good as the Knicks were during this matchup, it was the abysmal performance from the C’s that was quite alarming.

After the game, Celtics head coach Mazzulla sat down with reporters and the media to reflect on tonight’s loss. Firstly bringing up the disparity in offensive boards between the two teams, the reporter structured his question, asking Mazzulla how he felt about the Celtics’ efforts in the first half.

“I did not like the effort level in the first half but like you said, I think it’s just a tough spot to be in. I thought our guys handled that the best they could. I mean, we ran into two games against two teams that are highly highly desperate.”

However, the 35-year-old clarified that he doesn’t mind losing the last two games because,

“I think that’s important. Going in with a bunch of wins, and feeling good about yourself isn’t any better than, having a little bit of a body limp because of a game, so.”


The New York Knicks came out with of the gates, guns-blazing as they finished the first half with 69 points as opposed to the Celtics’ 48. New York had a big advantage in the rebounding column, giving the team numerous second chances throughout the game.

Though the Celtics dropped their second game in a row, the team cannot afford to perform the way they did during this loss. Not a single player on Boston’s squad was able to even touch the 20-point mark as their leading scorer of the night was Jayson Tatum finishing the game with just 18 points.

Boston will be facing the Hornets and the Washington Wizards for the last two games of their 2023-24 regular season. The Celtics will look to win both games and ride head into playoffs with momentum.

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Abhishek Dhariwal

Abhishek Dhariwal


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