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Joel Embiid turned down a date with $1.7 billion worth Rihanna despite his proposal just a few years earlier

Tonoy Sengupta
|Tue Aug 16 2022

Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid makes quite the claim about how he felt about Rihanna in 2018

Joel Embiid has turned into quite the star, hasn’t he?

This man was one of those players who was constantly on the injury list. And while he does still get injured now, it isn’t nearly as frequently.

More than that though, it is his quality as a player that has astounded many.

You see, Embiid always had the potential to be one of the best in the NBA. And evidently he knew it too, as he once asked Rihanna out on a date before really doing anything of note. Of course, he was turned down at the time.

The reason? He needed to be an All-Star.

Years later though, this same man went way past any projected potential to be perhaps the best center in the NBA. And during this time, he had achieved the objective to apparently be worthy of going out with Rihanna.

So when he was asked about it by a reporter, you’d expect the man to call her out, or something like that, right? Well…

How about we just dive into it?

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Joel Embiid passes on Rihanna on live television during interview, throwing a subtle shot her way

Joel Embiid has never been one of those players to hold his tongue about anybody, whether it be on or off an NBA court. So well, when he was asked about Rihanna, there weren’t many fans that were expecting him to hold back.

But we have to say, it’s hard to imagine that even that correctly expected what was to come next.

So, what was it that came next? Well, take a look at the YouTube clip below.

Savage as always. Even to THE Rihanna.

Never change, Joel.

Never change.

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