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“JT Finally Woke Up”: Jaylen Brown’s ‘Questionable’ Statement On Jayson Tatum Has NBA Twitter Raising Eyebrows

Sourav Bose

"JT Finally Woke Up": Jaylen Brown's 'Questionable' Statement On Jayson Tatum Has NBA Twitter Raising Eyebrows

The Boston Celtics recently defended their home court with a scintillating 133-128 overtime victory against the Indiana Pacers. However, their joyous times ended abruptly when Jaylen Brown made a questionable remark regarding his teammate, Jayson Tatum. The instance caught the eyes of the NBA followers, raising eyebrows early into the Eastern Conference Finals.

Soon after the game’s conclusion, Brown dissected the team’s comeback win in overtime. In the process, the 27-year-old hilariously outlined Tatum’s contributions as a major reason behind the victory. During a post-game interview, the 3x All-Star stated, “JT finally woke up, and made some baskets”.

His comment aptly shed light on the difference-making output of Tatum. Despite struggling early on in the clash, the Celtics talisman registered a double-double of 36 points, and 12 rebounds on the night while spearheading a win for the team. It also marked his highest individual score in this season’s playoffs, justifying Brown’s statement.

However, the underlying tone of mockery in Brown’s words garnered the attention of the NBA fans. They united on X (formerly Twitter) to double down on his take, mocking Tatum further in the process. One of them even declared, “Jaylen Brown always carries then Tatum gets the credit after throwing the game. It ALWAYS happens bro”.

Another supporter outlined the Celtics star’s struggles to make his efforts count throughout the game, mentioning, “JTs 4th quarter was abysmal. OT saved him from a lot of slander”.

One more fan extended this viewpoint, raising question marks over Tatum’s current tags, stating, “”superstar” “top 5” can’t wake up the whole game”.

Undoubtedly, Brown made those comments in the heat of the moment. Yet, his remarks do seem a tad harsh and ended up devaluing Tatum’s status around the league to a certain extent.

However, on the other end of things here, Tatum had nothing but nice things to say about his teammate and warmed Celtics fans’ hearts with his statement.

What did Jayson Tatum say after the game?

Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY

With just six seconds left to play, Brown made a fading three-pointer from the corner to tie the game at 117-a-piece in the fourth quarter. It turned the Celtics’ fortunes around, aiding in them winning the game in overtime. Highlighting this instance in the post-game conference, Tatum stated, “Big-time players make big-time plays. That was a hell of a shot he made”.

Following this, he even revealed his mindset throughout the game-winning overtime display, mentioning, “That s*** was chaos…Just stay present, stay in the moment. As long as there’s time still on the clock, the game is within reach. We feel like we have a chance”.

Tatum refused to let go of his composure even after registering an exciting win in Game 1. These contrasting displays in reaction from two of the biggest contributors to the team certainly unveiled two different competitive characters.

At the same time, Tatum likely won’t read too much into Brown’s lines considering just how close the two have been for years. This also captures how they have found common ground amongst themselves while continuing to share a similar goal.

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