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“Just Pass Me the F***ing Ball”: Anthony Edwards’ Leaked Conversation From Game 5 Splits Fans on Twitter

Trikansh Kher

“Just Pass Me the F***ing Ball”: Anthony Edwards’ Leaked Conversation From Game 5 Splits Fans on Twitter

Anthony Edwards failed to take the Minnesota Timberwolves to the promised land as the Wolves fell to the Dallas Mavericks in just five games in the Western Conference Finals. Game 5 was the T-Wolves’ last opportunity to turn the series around, but the team fell apart, and that left Anthony Edwards feeling some way about his teammates and his opposition. Ant-Man was seen jawing at his teammates, even having choice words for his opponents. The 22-year-old’s comments seem to have made it to social media, where NBA fans went back and forth about Edwards in an attempt to understand if Ant-Man’s antics were justified.

The entire fiasco began when a video surfaced, showing Edwards getting heated with his teammates during Game 5. In the video, Edwards was seen yelling at Naz Ried, telling him to stop and asking him to pass the ball as the duo headed to the bench for a timeout. Even in the clip, Anthony Edwards can be heard saying,

“This n**s talking about passing the ball and sh*t… F*ck out of here. Pass me the f**ing ball,” 

The 22-year-old’s vitriol wasn’t only targeted at his teammates, as the Timberwolves star even had a few things to say about the Mavericks. Talking to veteran teammate Mike Conley, Anthony Edwards claimed he was better than the Mavericks.

“I’m better than these n***s, man. Those n**s can’t f*k with me,” Edwards said while talking to Conley

Ant-Man’s antics raised a few eyebrows among NBA fans, with some X users even brutally calling out Edwards for his ‘boastful’ attitude and his inappropriate behavior with his teammates. One X user wrote,

” Who does he think he is they would’ve lost in game 7 to Denver if it wasn’t for Kat & Naz Reid.”

Another user called out Edwards for his immaturity, claiming that a veteran like Mike Conley will be instrumental in Edwards’s development. The comment read,

” Ant has got a lot to learn and this is all a part of the process. Mike Conley will be good for his growth as a leader. Clearly not there yet.”

But Ant-Man wasn’t without his loyal supporters, who stormed the comments section to back up their star player. One X user backed up Edwards by comparing his actions to that of Jordan, even hilariously writing

“This is something Jordan would do.”

Another X user defended Edwards by pointing out the context of his comments,

” think he was talking about him being better than his teammates, not Dallas.”

The friction between Edwards and his teammates seems to have become more and more apparent as the series against Dallas unfolded. The Timberwolves will have to do a better job managing their emotions and making timely adjustments, as the Dallas Mavericks outperformed them in every possible aspect of this series.

Post Edited By:Sameen Nawathe

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