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Kendrick Perkins Calls Out Nuggets HC Michael Malone for Snapping at Reporters Post Game 7 Loss

Sourav Bose

Kendrick Perkins Calls Out Nuggets HC Michael Malone for Snapping at Reporters Post Game 7 Loss

The Minnesota Timberwolves have eliminated at home the Denver Nuggets. The defending champions’ hopes of retaining the title ended abruptly following their 90-98 Game 7 defeat. However, their misery will be prolonged for a while as Kendrick Perkins openly called out the franchise’s head coach Michael Malone.

Soon after the Nuggets head coach’s recent post-game conference, the analyst directed a harsh remark toward him. Calling out the 52-year-old, Perk wrote on X (formerly Twitter), “Classless”.

His reaction circled Malone’s sudden outburst in the press conference following a heartbreaking loss. Despite taking a 20-point lead at one point, the Nuggets failed to capitalize on their momentum. This paved the way for a comeback victory of the Minnesota Timberwolves, ensuring their place in the Western Conference Finals.

Upon being asked about his thoughts on this humiliating defeat, Malone lost his composure. This led to him directing stern words toward the reporter, stating, “The season is over. That’s what’s hard. F**k being up by 20. The season is over. You don’t understand that… Stupid a** questions”.

Understandably, Malone’s response captured his distress after a sorrowful outcome. This forgettable defeat at home undoubtedly unsettled the Nuggets’ head coach, leading to his public loss of temper.

That said, the New York-born should have maintained his professionalism on this occasion, justifying the Perk’s remark. NBA fans sided with the analyst’s comment, with one of them stating, “Absolutely—Don’t cuss at reporters because they’re doing their job asking you about your all-time choke job”.

Another supporter hinted at the same, mentioning, “Agree – they blew a 3-2 game lead. Reporting has gone down hill IMHO – but it was a fair question Kendrick. He owes the reporter and the fans an apology – and frankly his organization”.

One supporter even questioned Malone’s ability to digest a defeat at the biggest stage of the competition, highlighting, “He’s a sore loser”.

All these add volume to Perkins’ belief while devaluing Malone’s reaction. This also puts the Nuggets’ reputation at risk, raising question marks over their culture.

Despite this ongoing controversy, none of the initial parties has made any comments on this situation. However this may change soon because of peer pressure, increasing fan interest in the scenario.

Post Edited By:Sameen Nawathe

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