“Top Shot is the future!”: Kevin Durant and Thirty Five Ventures begin multi-year partnership deal between Boardroom and Dapper Labs

Joe Viju
|Published 13/10/2021

NBA superstar Kevin Durant and his media company will have a creative development role in creating original NBA Top Shot Moments.

It looks like KD can do no wrong. After leading Team USA to the Olympic Gold, he’s now making moves off the court.

Boardroom, is a media network co-owned by NBA superstar Kevin Durant and his manager Rich Kleiman. They are linking up with blockchain platform Dapper Labs. Additionally, Kevin Durant will be a part of creating NBA Top Shot moments and multimedia projects.

Speaking on the new partnership. KD said –

“Top Shot is the future for basketball fans, bringing them closer to players and building community across the sport in new and innovative ways. At Boardroom, we’ve also been at the forefront of the NFT space, and I’m excited to partner in advancing NFTs further into the mainstream, creating and curating exclusive Moments and content with Top Shot.”

KD’s agent and partner Rich Kleiman comments on the deal by saying –

“Thirty Five Ventures has been supporters of and investors in Dapper Labs for some time and we’re thrilled for the opportunity to further partner with them and expand our coverage of NBA Top Shot across all of Boardroom’s properties.”

Boardroom has been a part of the world of trading cards, collectibles, and the NFT marketplace. As a result, this partnership is a match made in heaven.

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What is NBA Top Shot and how does it work?

Top Shot is an online company that came into existence in 2019 but gained popularity only since the start of 2021. Sports collectors are rich simply by selling digital highlights of NBA players. The online marketplace was started by a Vancouver-based blockchain company called Dapper Labs in July of 2019.

As a result, the wait for the opening day of the new season is starting to heat up. However, it may not only be for basketball reasons. Fans are now waiting for the season to begin so that there will be more highlights in the market.

NBA Top Shot is an online marketplace for users to bid on, purchase, and sell digital highlights of NBA players. You can think of them as NBA trading cards. However, instead of physical cards, they’re digital collectibles that you own and store in an online wallet.

The highlights, which are more commonly called “moments,” and range in availability. Users can purchase packs during specific timeframes that range from $9 (common) to $230 (legendary) each.

When Top Shot packs go live for purchase on the official website, the site will place you in a queue based on how quickly you click the live link. Queues are quick to fill out, and then it’s on a first-come, first-served basis. Once all packs sell out, users can only buy and sell those moments to each other on the marketplace.

Surely, this partnership will only enhance KD’s resume off the court and cement his legacy as a businessman.

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