“Kiyan Anthony, you’re just like your father”: LeBron James puffs up his ‘nephew’ and Carmelo Anthony’s son, posting his highlights on Instagram

Amulya Shekhar
|Published 19/04/2021

LeBron James hyped up Kiyan Anthony by sharing a video of Carmelo Anthony’s 14-year-old son on his Instagram story.

Kiyan is Carmelo and LaLa Anthony’s first-born son. He’s currently a high school freshman, enrolled at The Calhoun School in New York City. He mostly spends his time with his actress mother as a result.

Just like D-Wade and LeBron’s sons, Kiyan Anthony seems to be displaying a pretty handy acumen for the game. Both Zaire and Bronny James have various degrees of hype going for them.

Kiyan is the same age as LeBron’s second son Bryce Maximus. Obviously, his real basketball education has only just begun, but there are certain signs that avid high school basketball fans can spot from a certain distance.

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LeBron James hypes up nephew Kiyan Anthony by sharing his highlights on Instagram

LeBron seems to be a doting uncle, all things considered. Getting hype from one of the greatest players of all time should definitely spur Kiyan to new heights in basketball, should he be so inclined.

Kiyan has racked up a pretty decent mixtape through his time in high school basketball already. He’s shown great maturity and composure while finishing – a quality quite reminiscent of his father.

Obviously, comparing him directly to Carmelo at this stage is plain hyperbole, but there are clear indicators of his aptitude to become a pro. You can see it in his finishing.

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Melo will himself finish as one of the 10 top scorers of all time in NBA regular season history. He has the opportunity to mentor his own son, hopefully into a fruitful basketball career. It would make for a truly compelling story.

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