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“Kobe would come down once a week, say hi, get some coffee, bring her flowers”: Dennis Rodman’s son DJ recalls Mamba bonding with him and his sisters

Arjun Julka

"Kobe would come down once a week, say hi, get some coffee, bring her flowers": Dennis Rodman's son DJ recalls Mamba bonding with him and his sisters

Late NBA legend Kobe Bryant shared a heartwarming bond with former teammate Dennis Rodman’s children away from the media glare.

Two of the most distinctive personalities in NBA history, Kobe Bryant and Dennis Rodman, had an interesting connection. The Worm was at the peak of his career when an 18-year-old Bryant made his NBA debut in 1996. At the time, Rodman was creating history alongside Michael Jordan and the Bulls.

Nonetheless, the two would be teammates during the 1998-99 season for a mere 23-games. While nobody knows if the two bonded during The Worm’s stint in LA, Bryant established a beautiful bond with Rodman’s kids.

The Lakers legend’s eldest daughter Natalia played on the same soccer team as Rodman’s youngest daughter Trinity. Bryant, who took special pride in being a girl dad, developed a close bond with Trinity and her elder sister Teyana.

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Rodman’s son DJ revealed the Mamba would surprise Trinity at her soccer games and pay visits to Teyana, who worked at a coffee shop.

Kobe Bryant shares a beautiful relationship with Dennis Rodman’s kids.

As unusual as it may sound, it is true. Bryant dotted over Rodman’s kids, pampering the Bulls veteran’s daughter with flowers and giving his son life lessons. The Worm’s son DJ would provide further insight into this.

“I went up to him and I was like, ‘Hey Kobe, hey Kobe, you played with my dad’,” said DJ. “I was so young I was like, he’s not going to mind if I come up to him. I’ll just act first instead of think first.”

“He (Kobe) would come down once a week, every week, and just say what’s up to here, say hi, get some coffee, bring her flowers,” DJ recounted. “It was just awesome. He was awesome.”

Via: The Spokesman-Review

DJ further added how the Lakers MVP would impart his wisdom to him, preaching to work hard in whatever profession he chooses.

“Weeks after weeks he’d come to the games, I’d just talk with him, I’d just sit down with him,” DJ revealed. “We’d just talk because I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I was that young, I didn’t know if I wanted to play basketball. But he always told me to just work hard and always compete and be the person everyone loves. And always live life to the fullest, which I try to do every day.”

We can imagine Bryant despising Rodman’s lifestyle considering the Mamba Mentality vs Rodman’s Vegas trips. However, it is heartwarming to hear DJ share his meetings with the late NBA icon.

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