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“LeBron James Is a Shrewd Operator”: Skip Bayless Dismisses Reports of Lakers Star Staying Out of HC Search

Shubham Singh

“LeBron James Is a Shrewd Operator”: Skip Bayless Dismisses Reports of Lakers Star Staying Out of HC Search

After allegations of LeBron James influencing the Los Angeles Lakers head coach selection started to surface, the Lakers superstar has clarified his involvement in the process, as reported by Shams Charania. These allegations stemmed from the Lakers interviewing JJ Redick, who co-hosts the ‘Mind the Game’ pod with LBJ, for the HC position. Skip Bayless is unconvinced about James’ lack of involvement in the Lakers’ head coach hunt. 

On ‘UNDISPUTED’, Bayless conceded that the All-time leading scorer’s “High IQ” justifies his influence on the process. At the same time, he stated that since the 4x champion is a “shrewd” operator, he would want to brush off his role in the Lakers HC search for “plausible deniability”.

Thus, the 72-year-old believes that the Lakers superstar wants to have the best of both worlds by publicizing that he wants to stay out of the next Lakers’ HC selection, while also impacting the search behind the scenes.

LeBron James is a shrewd operator, he doesn’t want so to speak, blood on his hands. He wants plausible deniability here, which is ‘Okay, they asked me what I thought and I gave them a couple of names but then it’s up to them’,” Skip Bayless told Keyshawn Johnson and Paul Pierce.

Considering that nine head coaches have been fired in James’ 21-year career, the charge of him affecting such changes may hold weight. Thus, Bayless’ comments may not be that outlandish considering that JJ Redick has indeed been one of the primary candidates for the Lakers’ coaching job. 

Will JJ Redick be the next Lakers HC?

Shams Charania revealed that the Lakers have been interviewing Redick, alongside Sam Cassell and James Borrego. While Cassell has been an assistant coach for the last 15 years in the league, Borrego was the HC of Charlotte Hornets from 2018 to 2022.

Additionally, the former Hornets HC has two decades of experience as an assistant coach. Meanwhile, Redick has never been a part of a coaching staff in the NBA.

Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Thus, he might look the least likely to land the Lakers HC job. However, as per Charania and Lakers beat reporter Jovan Buhan, the Lakers are “infatuated” by his “potential”. In fact, there are murmurs that the 39-year-old ESPN analyst can potentially craft a lofty resume like Pat Riley, who won five NBA titles as a head coach, four of them coming during his Lakers tenure. 

While Redick is indeed a keen basketball observer, there are doubts about his readiness to handle a veteran roster like the Lakers. A younger team like the Hornets may be a better destination for him. 

Additionally, James might decide his Lakers’ future based on where his son Bronny James lands in the 2024 NBA Draft so he may be shying away from extensive involvement at this point. Redick’s selection can also be finalized because of his positive reputation among NBA front offices.

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