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LeBron James made 33x times more per second than Michael Jordan in their ‘last’ season in the NBA

Advait Jajodia
|Tue Aug 16 2022

LeBron James will be earning just north of $44 million in the upcoming season, which amounts to $188 earnings per second.

LeBron James is one of the most versatile players that has graced the NBA hardwood. With 18 All-Star appearances, 18 All-NBA selections, 4 MVPs, 4 championships, and 4 Finals MVPs, Bron is easily one of the most accomplished players the league has ever seen.

Being one of the most greatest and successful athletes the world of sports has ever witnessed, the Lakers superstar has earned a fortune throughout the first 19 years of his illustrious career.

The only active player with a billion dollar worth, LBJ has managed to collect as much as $387 million in earnings right from his first campaign back in 2003.

This upcoming 2022-2023 season will be the most rewarding year for The King, in terms of earning money. During the 2020 summer, the future Hall-Of-Famer signed a massive 2-year, $85.66 million extension. After having received $41.18 million this past campaign, James is set to earn the highest amount of his near-two-decade-long career – $44.47 million.

Let’s have a look at LBJ’s upcoming contract breakdown compared to Michael Jordan’s contract from his final season with the Washington Wizards.

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LeBron James will earn $529,817 per game more than Michael Jordan during his final season

After having earned more than $63 million in his final two years with the Bulls, back in the summer of 2001, Michael Jordan agreed to sign a 2-year, $2.03 million contract with the Washington Wizards.

Assuming the 2022-2023 campaign will be LBJ’s final season, he will earn more than $43 million than what Jordan earned during that 2002-2003 season.

Mike’s per game earnings were a mere $12,560. This number seems too minute when comparing it to LeBron’s $542,377 per game.

Per minute, Bron will be earning $10,959 more than what “His Airness” received.

Lastly, The King will be gathering a staggering $188 per second. This figure is 33 times what the 6-time Bulls champ earned per second ($5.6).

While the cap spike is extremely astonishing, this gives a clear idea of who the better player was towards the end of their distinguished careers.

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