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LeBron James’ Wife Savannah Confesses Bronny’s Birth Would Have Likely Remained the Same Even with S*x Talk

Siddid Dey Purkayastha

LeBron James' Wife Savannah Confesses Bronny's Birth Would Have Likely Remained the Same Even with S*x Talk

LeBron and Savannah James‘ love story as high school sweethearts had always captivated fans for the longest time. However, not many know of Savannah’s side of the story, when she unexpectedly gave birth to Bronny during her senior year of high school.

Very recently, Savannah and April McDaniel started a new podcast called Everybody’s Crazy, where they talk about some deep and sensitive topics. In the recently released Episode 3 of the podcast, the duo discussed the importance of parents having necessary conversations about s*x to educate their children.

Quite surprisingly, Savannah admitted, “I still never had the s*x talk with my parents.” She went on to explain how these conversations are something parents need to prepare themselves to have with their children.

However, Savannah admitted that she was lucky to have her siblings guide her through this conversation. At that moment, McDaniel asked Mrs. LeBron James if she would still have Bronny if she had the s*x talk with her parents. To this, Mrs. James replied, “Probably.”  Savannah’s co-host was amused by her casual reply, calling her “bada**” for displaying such a bold personality.

All in all, the truth is both Savannah and LeBron weren’t prepared for such an unexpected change in their lives. Having Bronny meant added responsibilities for both as a couple. However, they did the best they could. And now their son is on the verge of entering the NBA.

Savannah summed up the conversation nicely. Her parents did the best they could with the tools at their disposal. She doesn’t feel any regret for the message that she didn’t receive early on in life. However, she takes it upon himself to relay that message to the next generation.

LeBron and Savannah James have raised a happy family together

LeBron and Savannah had their first child at quite an unexpected point in their lives. LBJ had just finished his rookie season while Savannah was still in her high school senior year. Nevertheless, James earned a handsome salary of $4,320,360 from his NBA contract, which allowed him to promise decent care and a healthy upbringing to his newborn baby.

Over the years, Savannah and LeBron formed a happy family of five together. The couple was blessed with two more children, a son named Bryce and a daughter named Zhuri. Today, the James family remains one of the biggest basketball households in sports royalty, earning a similar reputation as the Jordans.

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