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“Looks Like a Woman Coach”: Before George Karl’s Scathing Attack on Skip Bayless, Shaquille O’Neal ‘Ridiculed’ the Legendary HC

Jeet Pukhrambam

"Looks Like a Woman Coach": Before George Karl's Scathing Attack on Skip Bayless, Shaquille O'Neal 'Ridiculed' the Legendary HC

George Karl recently launched a scathing attack on Skip Bayless calling him an embarrassment to sports media. He isn’t wrong and while we laud him for that, he has also been the victim of some insults himself. Back in 1998, when the Sonics beat the Lakers, questions were asked whether Shaq and co had been bullied. But Shaquille O’Neal gave a rather weird reply. He called Karl “a woman coach” and claimed that he could never intimidate him.

Shaq to this day, at age 50, calls himself the Most Dominant Ever. So naturally, you would think that in his prime there might not have been a lot that would faze Shaq. So when he was a young firestarter back in Los Angeles, even legendary Hall of Fame coach, George Karl couldn’t faze him. 

As per the book Three Ring Circus by Jeff Pearlman, Shaq, and Kobe were flustered after losing 106-92. But that didn’t mean that Shaq was in any way intimidated.

Shaquille O’Neal was unfazed by George Karl, and said he “Looks Like a Woman Coach”

Yes, leave it to Shaq to dole out the most bizarre insults on anyone. As the story goes, Karl was complaining to the officials about a bunch of missed calls. And as usual, O’neal took notice.

He said, “He looks like a woman coach sometimes. I guess he’s just trying to get into certain people’s heads, but it won’t work with me,”. 

Shaq was not having it. He continued, “Like a woman who coaches and cries all the time. He can’t get in my head. He’s a crybaby.”

Ouch! That one must have hurt George. It may have been a few decades since then and now George is looking to dish out the pain to others!

George Karl calls Skip Bayless an “embarrassment to sports media”

George Karl’s Tweet on Skip is like a sharp knife to the heart. A well-respected coach coming out and calling you for a ridiculous take will hurt more than you want it to.

The tweet comes after Skip berated Nikola Jokic for his performance in game 2. While commentary may have been appropriate, it feels like Skip went too far.

Karl was not having any of it.

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