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“Michael Jordan uses his own logo for ice cubes at his golf course”: The Bulls legend has an elaborate branding mechanism even at his places of leisure

Amulya Shekhar

"Michael Jordan uses his own logo for ice cubes at his golf course": The Bulls legend has an elaborate branding mechanism even at his places of leisure

Michael Jordan is among the most narcissistic sportspersons you’ll probably have heard of, judging from the ice cubes at his golf course.

Jordan is by far the most well-recognized American athlete across the world, even 18 years since his final retirement. The Bulls legend was one of the first to have a successful shoe line of his own, and the first to negotiate a royalty deal.

Nike gave him his ‘Jumpman’ logo during his first ever MVP campaign, with the release of the Jordan 3 shoes. Since then the symbol has become synonymous with the man and his legend itself.

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There are people who would let their own logos commence and end with a shoe line. Or with a fashion brand. But Jordan seems to have ventured into far more self-centered territory, as you can judge from this story.

Ice cubes at a private golf course owned by Michael Jordan bear the Jumpman symbol

The Jumpman symbol adorns hundreds of millions of shoes across the planet today, in addition to many more articles of clothing. It has now also found its way onto a destination you couldn’t have predicted – the ice cubes at his golf course.

Grove XXIII, a Florida golf course purchased by the billionaire athlete, is one of the most exclusive golf courses. They even call it ‘Slaughterhouse 23’ given how well the course design meets MJ’s playing style.

People say that Jordan got the golf course designed so that he could take on practically anyone on the planet. However, if you did manage to inflict defeat on him, you might still have to rejoice with a drink that contains his signature ice cubes.

PGA Tour player Jimmy Walker tweeted a picture of a drink from the club house of Grove XXIII. Just take a look for yourself and decide if it’s over-the-top or par for the course:

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