“Michael Jordan was just so affable, funny, and kind”: Courteney Cox reveals several tid-bits about the Bulls legend from when they met in 1995

Samir Mehdi
|Published February 28, 2022

Courteney Cox praised Michael Jordan being ‘funny and kind’ when they first met in 1995 while also talking about his stories on Kobe Bryant. 

Nothing quite sums up the 1990s in the United State of America like Michael Jordan and the hit comedy sitcom, ‘Friends’. While Jordan dominating the NBA, winning 6 championships in a span of 8 years, all in the 90s, Courteney Cox and her 5 other co-stars were dominating television, garnering 31.7 million views in Season 2 of the show, alone. 

When it comes to viewership, beating out Michael Jordan is quite the hefty task. After all, the 1998 NBA Finals, which would happen to be Jordan’s final series as a Chicago Bull, raked in an average of 29 million viewers. Game 6 of the series between the Bulls and Jazz had a whopping 35.9 million people tune in from just the US.

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Meeting celebrities of a similar caliber of popularity makes sense and Michael Jordan wasn’t new to this in the slightest. Everything from shooting with Michael Jackson to being introduced to Muhammed Ali, Jordan wasn’t going to get starstruck that easily. 

Michael Jordan meets Courteney Cox in 1995. 

Rubbing shoulders with the stars of Hollywood was nothing out of the ordinary for Michael Jordan as 1995 saw him meet Courteney Cox. Friends had released merely a year prior and all 6 stars on the show had reached near superstardom by the time the second season even aired.

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Cox took to Instagram in late February of 2020 to show love to the Bulls legend for how well he handled his little brother, Kobe Bryant’s, memorial service at Staples Center. While praising him, she also gave a few tid-bits about how Jordan was when he first met her in 1995. 

“I had the pleasure of sitting next to the legendary Michael Jordan. I remember him being so affable and funny and kind. This week, as I watched his moving tribute to another legend, Kobe Bryant, I wanted to thank Michael for sharing his stories about his little brother. They were so intimate and loving.” 

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