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How Michael Jordan’s $14,850,000 House and ‘Luxurious Cars’ Became the Inspiration For Air Jordan Designer on Howard White’s Demands

Nithin Joseph

How Michael Jordan's $14,850,000 House and 'Luxurious Cars' Became the Inspiration For Air Jordan Designer on Howard White's Demands

Recently, the Godfather of Jordan Brand, Howard White, sometimes referred to as “H” sat down with GQ. In an interview with the men’s magazine, White discussed his journey with Nike. In particular, the role he played in establishing the Jordan Brand. He even shared how he helped inspire Tinker Hatfield, the designer for Air Jordan by taking him to Michael Jordan‘s $14,850,000 house.

Air Jordans have always held a special place in sneaker culture, and Nike designers consistently sought unique sources of inspiration. Howard White played a pivotal role, contributing his insights and experiences to help shape the iconic Air Jordan line into a symbol of excellence and style.

Howard White details how he took Air Jordan designer to Michael Jordan’s $14,850,000 house for inspiration

The Air Jordan brand is perhaps the biggest brand in the world of sneakers. Nike alongside Michael Jordan revolutionized the sneaker game with the company’s unique designs and MJ’s star power. Each shoe was a representation of the six-time NBA Champion.

However, there were times when the designers were lacking inspiration. So, there were times when Howard White, the Vice President of the Jordan Brand took every opportunity to inspire his designers. And, his favorite was Tinker Hatfield.

Hatfield joined the design team around the time the brand was coming out with the Jordan 3s. So, in order to inspire his new recruit, “H” took Tink to Michael Jordan’s house, showing him the cars and the closets. Basically, giving him access to who and what His Airness was, and Hatfield did not disappoint. His designs even left Howard speechless.

“Tinker would be my favorite designer, Tinker Hatfield. When Tink came on board in the three and beyond, I would take Tink to Michael’s house. I would let him go through the cars, and let him go through the closets, and let him just have access to what Michael was. I don’t know how in the hell he came up with them f**kin things!”

The house must have been quite inspirational, and now, it serves as a site of great historical value. Why wouldn’t it be? Given Jordan’s incredible relationship and time in the city. But, in spite of all this, he is still struggling to sell the property.

Michael Jordan is struggling to sell his amazing Chicago mansion

Michael Jordan’s $50 million mansion in Highland Park has inspired many a designer. However, while it is a source of inspiration, His Airness is struggling to move the property. The mansion, that MJ had constructed back in the 90s is quite the marvel, but for some reason is not enticing anyone on the market.

Clearly, it’s going to take a while for Jordan to get rid of this mansion. For his sake, hopefully, someone comes around who’s willing to pay the $14 million it is now being listed for.

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