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“Never sent an email; I talk bad behind people’s backs”: Charles Barkley hilariously reveals to Ernie that he’s old-fashioned

Samir Mehdi

“Never sent an email; I talk bad behind people’s backs”: Charles Barkley hilariously reveals to Ernie that he’s old-fashioned

Charles Barkley lets Ernie know that he’s old-fashioned and that he talks bad behind people’s backs, not through emails. 

Charles Barkley seems to genuinely have a knack for saying the most hilarious things while on air. He is undoubtedly the funniest man in the NBA landscape today as he’s unapologetically candid with his takes on current happenings in the league. 

What makes Barkley special however, is that he knows how take criticism while also dishing it out, separating himself from his NBAonTNT co-host, Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq doesn’t seem to be able to take criticism all too well as he begins to defend himself almost immediately and flexes his 4 cham0pionship rings on any naysayers. 

One things Charles Barkley and Shaq do agree upon is that the NBA was tougher back in their heyday. Luckily for them, the new rule changes that were implemented this past summer cater to what Chuck and the Lakers talk about while on air.

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Safe to say that there are a few more things Barkley preferred back in the day that he’s just not used to in the 2020s. 

Charles Barkley has never sent an email before. 

While on the Steam Podcast with Ernie, Charles Barkley hilariously revealed that he’s never sent an email before in his life. Considering the fact that emails have been a staple of communication for over a quarter od a century, it’s borderline unfathomable that this is truly the case. 

Tim Kelly tried to correct Barkley and told him that he’s sent emails, to which Chuck doubled down and said that he hasn’t, “You’ve responded to emails,” said Ernie Johnson. Charles backpedaled a bit and said, “I know how to respond. I don’t know how to do one. I don’t know how to initiate one. I talk bad about people the old-fashioned way; behind their back.” 

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Yet another unnecessarily hilarious Charles Barkley anecdote that fans have been blessed with and will surely remember for quite some time. 

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Samir Mehdi

Samir Mehdi


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