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“Not Some Overemotional Ref Who Had A Bad Day”: Jaylen Brown, Calling His 1st Career Ejection ‘Bullsh*t’, Lets Loose On Poor Officiating

Samir Mehdi

"Not Some Overemotional Ref Who Had A Bad Day": Jaylen Brown, Calling His 1st Career Ejection 'Bullsh*t', Lets Loose On Poor Officiating

Jaylen Brown was just subjected to his first ever career ejection during the Boston Celtics’ game against the New York Knicks. The ejection came as the midway point of the 4th quarter approached and Brown was called for a foul on the defensive end of the floor. He would go on to protest the foul and this led to him receiving a technical foul. According to Joe Mazzulla, Brown told the ref not to call that “weak a** sh*t”.

The second technical foul however, came when Brown had seemingly removed himself from the situation entirely and walked towards the bench. The official would go on to call a second technical foul and this is what led to the Celtics wing losing it as 2 techs result in an automatic ejection what did Brown have to lose at that point.

In his postgame press conference, Jaylen Brown went into detail on what transpired. He even expressed disappointment over how things unfolded, revealing he wanted his first career ejection after having been in the league for 7+ years, to be a bit more bombastic.

I always thought my first career ejection would be something a little more exciting. Guys tussling up, thrown to the ground. Not some overemotional ref who had a bad day. What I’m most upset about is that I should’ve gotten my fucking money’s worth.”

The Celtics ended up beating the Knicks

The silver lining in this debacle is the fact that the Boston Celtics ended up beating the New York Knicks 133-123 despite not having their 2nd best player down the stretch of the bout. Every player in the starting lineup had 16+ points with Derrick White leading the way with 30 points on 6-10 shooting from beyond the arc.

Jayson Tatum and Kristaps Porzingis chipped in with a combined 46 points while Jaylen Brown, whose night was cut short, had 17 points of his own 53.8% shooting from the field. This was the Celtics’ first game since losing the In-Season Tournament Quarter Finals to the Indiana Pacers and they got themselves a quality win over the Knicks.

For the Celtics to continue down their current path of being the number one seed in the top heavy Eastern Conference, Brown will be the key. He told ‘The Athletic’ on Wednesday he feels he’s playing the best basketball of his entire career this season.

“I feel like on both sides of the ball, I’m playing the best basketball of my life. I feel like I’m a different player. I still have the same essence. That aggressiveness is where my tone is always going to be, but I’m seeing the floor, making the right reads, trying to get others involved all at the same time.”

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Samir Mehdi

Samir Mehdi


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