“Often Wonder What Kobe Bryant Would Have Done.”: 7ft 2” Victor Wembanyama Turns to $600 Million Lakers Legend’s Teachings

Nithin Joseph
|Published 17/11/2022

The 2023 NBA draft is being highlighted by two players. The first is guard, Scoot Henderson, and the second is one whom many believe is the greatest prospect since LeBron James, French big man Victor Wembanyama.

Wembanyama, or The Alien as he was referred to by The King, has it all. From elite ball-handling skills to the ability to pull up from deep. The young man is a freak of nature.

With all his tools and the hype around him, it is no surprise that even he has confidence in his status as the No.1 prospect. That said, whenever he is in doubt, he looks to one man, the late great Kobe Bryant.

The Lakers legend won 5x NBA Championships, earned his flowers as one of the game’s greatest, and built a net worth of over $600 Million. There are so many things Wemby and any of us can look up to Kobe for.,

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When in doubt, Victor Wembanyma turns to the teachings of the Black Mamba, Kobe Bryant

Over the past few months, the media, fans, and the entire basketball world have convinced Victor Wembanyama that he will be the consensus No.1 pick of the 2023 NBA draft. They’re not wrong, and Wemby has every right to be confident that he will be.

However, there are times when even the greatest of prospects feel discouraged and plagued with doubts. The same goes for Victor. However, he gets through it by asking himself one thing, “What would Kobe do?”!

In an interview, the young Frenchman revealed that he thinks about the Black Mamba every day. Even looking at his life and career whenever he suffers from doubts.

It truly is a marvel, just how much Kobe has impacted and continues to impact the lives of all those around him. Hopefully, Victor can channel Bryant’s mentality when he eventually enters the league.

Every single franchise in the NBA should want The Alien known as Wembanyama

There can be no denying that Wemby is a true unicorn. The young man has all the right weapons in his arsenal to take the league by storm. This is why every team should consider ways to get him on their rosters.

All eyes will be on him soon. Only time will tell which team is graced by his talent and potential.

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