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“Planets Have Aligned”: Skip Bayless Believes Celtics Have ‘Cakewalk’ to 1st Championship in 16 Years

Shubham Singh

“Planets Have Aligned”: Skip Bayless Believes Celtics Have ‘Cakewalk’ to 1st Championship in 16 Years

The Boston Celtics gave one of their best performances in the playoffs taking Game 2 against the Indiana Pacers in the ECF. Even though Tyrese Haliburton’s exit due to a hamstring injury made matters worse for the away team, the Celtics already had a good lead in the game. And Skip Bayless is already convinced that the Celts have secured a path to the 18th championship for the franchise after taking a 2-0 lead.

On ‘UNDISPUTED’, Bayless highlighted how the Celtics are going to “cakewalk” to their first championship since 2008 when they won it with his co-host Paul Pierce. Considering their string of good luck, he believes the horoscope is in their favor to win it all,

It feels meant to be. Everything has lined up, the planets are aligned for you to cakewalk since you guys[Paul Pierce and Co.] won it in 2008.”

The 72-year-old lauded Jaylen Brown, who had 40 points for being in “attack mode” throughout the game. As the “biggest Jrue Holiday fan”, the analyst also complimented the 2022 champion’s “All-NBA type of performance”. He termed Holiday’s 15 points (6 of 7 FGs) and 10 assists as “sensational” and relayed that the two-way guard is in “Finals” mode.

After posting a sub-par 14-14 record in the previous tilts, the Celtics now have a three-game win streak at home. As per Bayless, injuries to Cavs’ star duo Donovan Mitchell and Jarrett Allen in the second round contributed significantly to their improved fortunes in TD Garden.

The tide seems to have once again turned in the Celtics’ favor. Not just the NBA finals, but Jayson Tatum and Co. have set up a stage for them to achieve a sweep in the ECF.

The Celtics are in a terrific position to enter the NBA Finals

Akin to co-host Skip Bayless, Keyshawn Johnson also believes that the Celtics are bound for the championship round. After Haliburton’s hamstring injury, he claimed that the series is a “wrap. He alluded that a sweep will enable them to rest their key component Kristpas Porzingis for the series as they already have enough firepower to take down the Pacers.

The former NFL superstar lauded the Celts’ scoring balance in Game 2, indicating they are in full flow. If they continue to play like this, the squad can earn a 10-day rest before the NBA Finals. This will make way for Porzingis to be available for the title round and their chances of lifting a championship will be further bolstered. 

Thus, the voices believing in the Celtics’ chances to lift the NBA title have grown exponentially during the ECF series. The team has reinforced their claim as the title contenders despite playing some uninspiring ball on numerous occasions.

The injuries to the opposition’s key players have surely helped their case but the team’s depth could have pulled through even if their opponents were at full strength. 

Post Edited By:Hitesh Nigam

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