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Rachel Nichols Brings Up Jeanie Buss’ History While Discussing LeBron James’ Son Bronny’s Future with the Lakers

Sourav Bose

Rachel Nichols Brings Up Jeanie Buss' History While Discussing LeBron James' Son Bronny's Future with the Lakers

With the 2024 NBA draft approaching, the fans and experts engage in conversations surrounding the possibilities. Rachel Nichols became a recent addition to the list as she discussed the future of Bronny James, the son of LeBron James, in the latest episode of UNDISPUTED. The 50-year-old highlighted the probabilities while bringing up the history of Jeanie Buss.

As per Nichols, the Los Angeles Lakers could pick Bronny in the upcoming draft. She emphasized that the franchise president Buss’ relationship with James could play a key role in the decision. At the same time, the organization might receive a talented youngster with a plethora of skill sets to showcase.

“He will play in the NBA on the Lakers next year because Jeanie Buss has a history of treating her star players like stars…Bronny James has gotten evaluated by scouts as a potential late second-rounder, someone you might put on a two-way contract. He has got high basketball IQ. He is willing to be an on-ball defender…He has got more of an NBA body,” she mentioned.

However, this only becomes an option if Bronny continues to aim for the NBA over staying longer in the college basketball circuit. Nichols subsequently pointed out how the likelihood of the latter’s occurrence remained higher at this stage.

This has put Bronny’s future at a crossroads with concerns thickening over his long-term career. Following an underwhelming season with the USC Trojans, the chances of him entering the draft as a top prospect have come to an end. His average of 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.1 assists per game as per ESPN have seemingly turned him into a second-round prospect.

However, this has failed to dent the confidence of the youngster with the world witnessing a glimpse of it earlier this month.

What’s next for Bronny James?

Early in April, James outlined how the household had trusted Bronny with the choices regarding his future. During a post-game interview, the 39-year-old mentioned, “He has some tough decisions to make and when he is ready to make those decisions, he will let us all know but as his family, we will support whatever he does”.

A few days later, Bronny declared his choice via an Instagram post, adding fuel to the excitement of the NBA fans. He wrote, “I’ve had a year with some ups and downs but all added to growth for me as a man, student and athlete. I’ve made the decision to enter the NBA Draft while maintaining my college eligibility, and will also be entering the NCAA transfer portal”.

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This indicated the youngster’s intentions to make a name for himself while willingly spending more time to perfect his craft. As per Nichols, the likes of Duke and Oregon could precisely provide him with such a platform. Simultaneously, the prospect of sharing an NBA court with his father continues to elude the teenager. This paves the way for an exciting phase in his journey as the fans keep an eye on the happenings.

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