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“Rajon Rondo has the strangest pre-game routine – he has to take 5 showers a day!”: The veteran Point Guard has a game day routine that isn’t something he should be doing in California

Arun Sharma

"Rajon Rondo has the strangest pre-game routine - he has to take 5 showers a day!": The veteran Point Guard has a game day routine that isn't something he should be doing in California

Rajon Rondo is one of the best Point Guards to have played in the league in the past 20 years – but none are as eccentric as him when it comes to game day routines

Rajon Rondo said in an interview he takes 5 baths a day on the day of the game, citing that he thinks the best in the shower. While it may be true for the general public, 5 is a bit too excessive even for the highest of the neat freaks. Plus he’s in the state of California, where water’s already scarce. Should he be really wasting water like that just to score 4 points a game?

Rondo may be one of the finest passers of the ball – but he’s been a role player for a while now. It is understandable athletes have their own game day routine to get them into the groove, but its usually listening to the same music, or eating one type of food.

“He is a germaphobe who hates being barefoot. He keeps three or four pairs of shower shoes in his locker.” What a conundrum, since he is involved in a sport where you literally trade spit with 11 other guys for 3 hours.

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Rajon Rondo isn’t the only one with crazy quirks – a lot of NBA players have their own

Jason Terry was another guy who had an odd routine. He slept in the opposition’s game worn shorts. He made sure he became friends with the equipment guys from all across the league just to make sure he had his collection. If Rondo is a germaphobe, Terry was the complete opposite, sleeping in someone else’s sweaty clothes.

JJ Redick took exactly 342 shots from all spots of the court every Sunday. JJ’s former teammate TJ McConnell drinks one cup of coffee and has a meal of chicken an Quinoa every time before a game. Every athlete has some superstition or the other, some just are plain whacky, and some docile.

You cannot really classify them as OCD, but a routine really gets them in the mood for what is essentially extreme concentration for 3 hours almost every other day.

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Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma


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